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Xu Xiangchun Meets with Chairman & CEO of Max Christmas Group from Australia
CopyFrom: Date:13 March 2014
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Vice President Xu Xiangchun of MCC Group met with a visiting delegation from Australia in Beijing on March 11, 2014. The delegation members included: Mr. Max Christmas, Chairman/CEO of the Max Christmas Group & Senior Consultant of Infrastructure Capital International Fund (“ICI Fund”); Mr. William Wu, Founding Partner of ICI Fund; Mr. Russell Kempnich, Chairman of Sedgman & Associates Pty Ltd. Both parties exchanged views on strengthening cooperation in the fields of investment, financing, development of mining resource project and construction of infrastructure.
Xu Xiangchun extended warm welcome to the guests, and made a briefing on the development of MCC Group, especially its overseas business. Mr. Max Christmas, Mr. William Wu and Mr. Russell Kempnich respectively introduced their corporate profiles. They highlighted their advantages in terms of fund, project management and cost control, as well as their close partnership with the central government and the local governments in various states of Australia. As Australian Government plans to increase the investment in infrastructures such as road, port, terminal and water treatment facilities in the years coming, they expected to work closely with MCC Group and jointly develop the market in Australia.
The other attendees at the meeting included: Mr. Nick Jukes, CEO of Sedgman & Associates Pty Ltd.; Clara Yip, Partner of ICI Fund; Hayren Rui, Senior Representative of ICI Fund in China; Tom Dockray, Asian President of Sedgman; Ed Sun, Global Procurement Manager of Sedgman; Lynn Cong, Executive Assistance of Sedgman; Xu Yongjie, Director for Overseas Project Management of MCC; Vice General Manager Liu Yong and Director Li Wei for Overseas Business of MCC Northern Engineering & Technology Corporation (NETC); Director Zhou Yongyu of China 20MCC Construction Group (20MCC Group); and Vice General Manager He Yuanhong of 20MCC Group’s International Company.



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