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Guo Wenqing Welcomes Vice Governor of Hainan Province
CopyFrom: Date:12 March 2014
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President Guo Wenqing of MCC Group met with a visiting delegation led by Vice Governor Li Guoliang of Hainan Province on March 9, 2014. Both parties conducted in-depth friendly discussion on promoting development of MCC Group in Hainan market, as well as deepening partnership with Hainan Provincial Government. The relevant leaders of both parties took part in the meeting.
Guo Wenqing extended warm welcome to Li Guoliang and his delegation members, and made a briefing on the development situation of MCC Group. At present MCC Group ranks No. 302 among the worldwide top 500 enterprises. MCC Group is mainly engaged in four core businesses: (i) EPC in metallurgical engineering; (iii) development of mineral resources; (iii) manufacturing of metallurgical equipment; and (iv) real estate development. The Group has established itself into the worldwide largest contractor for metallurgical engineering and the service provider for upgrading and transformation of metallurgical engineering technologies, undertaking the planning, surveying, design and engineering construction work for almost all of the large/medium-sized domestic steel works, possessing the irreplaceable integrated industrial chain advantages in the metallurgical industry. It is one of the key resource enterprises determined by the State Government, having the biggest claims in the overseas reserve amount of ferrous metal. It is China’s largest producer for steel structure. In addition, MCC Group is one of 16 central enterprises engaged in real estate development, which are approved by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) of the State Council. The real estate development (including construction of infrastructure) is one of the key business sector attached by great importance by MCC Group.
Guo mentioned that, Hainan Province has provided a large platform for business exploration by MCC Group. As one of the hottest economic points in China, Hainan Province is featured by an unique geographic location, and enjoys remarkable late-starting advantage. In the past time, MCC Group’s industrial distribution was not concentrated and thus prevented the industries from healthy growth. Since the situation has been improved considerably, MCC Group could feel free to make business restructuring, according to which some resources will be concentrated for development projects in several hot spots, for example, in Hainan Province. According to Guo, as one of the central enterprises competent for scientific research, planning, investigation, design, construction, comprehensive development of real estate, equipment manufacturing and resources development, MCC enjoys remarkable advantages in terms of both technology and management. In response to the development demand of Hainan Province and the requirements of the Provincial Government, MCC Group will offer the best services and make the greatest contribution to the social and economic development in this province.
Li Guoliang stated that he felt very pleased to visit the headquarter of MCC Group and had such a cordial discussion with Chairman Guo Wenqing. He said that the main purpose of this visit was to promote the further communication and collaboration between both parties.
Li Guoliang pointed out that, MCC Group made an outstanding achievement in resolving almost all the problems. This is a re-born change and a firm foundation for the enterprise to realize transformation and upgrading. He believed that, MCC Group would enjoy a promising prospect if it could get rid of the burden and clear up the development thought.
The Vice Governor mentioned that, cooperating with state-owned enterprises is one of the basic strategies of Hainan Province. The collaborative ideas and framework of MCC Group and Hainan Province are perfect and will satisfy the demand for common development of both parties. From the point of view of Hainan Provincial Government, the enterprises pursuing for self-development in Hainan will make contribution to the local economic growth, the Provincial Government should provide opportunities, platform and quality service for this purpose. He also said, the branch of MCC in Hainan had won a good start.
According to Li, Hainan is still an underdeveloped area as a whole up to now, but on the other hand full of opportunities for further development. MCC Group and Hainan Province enjoy a broad cooperative space in terms of both infrastructure construction and the enterprise development. Now China is taking steps for economic restructuring. No matter what will happen due to the economic restructuring, nothing could be done without infrastructure which is a basic requirement for modernization process. Li Guoliang believed that MCC Group would find more development opportunities and spaces in Hainan. He wished MCC Group to win victory in the first attempt, and welcomed Chairman Guo Wenqing to visit Hainan in the future.  
The current business scope of MCC Group in Hainan mainly covers house-building, engineering and transportation works. Though the business scope is relatively limited, there is huge space for growth. In the interest to explore the major markets and optimize the market distribution, Hainan Branch of MCC was established in September 2013.

Guo Wenqing chats with Li Guoliang

Meeting of both parties

Guo Wenqing takes a photo with Li Guoliang

Leaders of both parties present at the meeting


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