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Sichuan Provincial Vice Governor Zhu Hexin Inspects MCC5's Yinlong New Energy Project
CopyFrom:MCC Date:17 February 2017
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  On February 16th, Sichuan Provincial Vice Governor Zhu Hexin arrived at the MCC5 Group's Yinlong New Energy Automobile (finished automobiles and spare parts) Industrial Park Phase II Project in Chengdu to conduct an inspection.

  After hearing an introduction to the company and the project’s progress, Zhu Hexin affirmed the efforts made by MCC in civilized construction, engineering quality management and ensuring the construction period and progress; he especially praised the spirit of the personnel of the Project Department on giving up the Spring Festival holiday, fighting bravely and sparing no efforts, and expressed gratitude for the contributions made by MCC5 to Chengdu City. Finally, Zhu Hexin put forward several requirements for the project: it is necessary to firmly establish the philosophy of safe production, ensure safety, quality and the construction period, and guarantee that the engineering quality can stand the test of time. All levels of relevant departments should further intensify their service awareness, actively cooperate, work voluntarily and spare no efforts to guarantee the fulfillment of the project.

  Located in the south of Central Avenue in Yinlong New Energy Automobile Industrial Park, this project has a floorage of 134,064m2. It includes passenger car united plants, adjustment workshops for finished automobiles and so on. It was commenced in late January, and the first project node is estimated to be completed 5 days ahead of schedule. Yinlong New Energy Automobile Industrial Park in Chengdu City is an important component of the new energy industry of Chengdu. With an investment of RMB 10 billion, it is the first significant project in the manufacturing industry to be introduced by West Zone Industrial Park of Chengdu’s Tianfu New District. After being put into operation overall, it will realize a huge capacity in lithium titanate batteries and new energy passenger cars, provide powerful support for Chengdu West Zone Industrial Park and even Chengdu at large to development intelligent manufacturing, and have great importance for accelerating industrial transformation and upgrading, and promote the leapfrog economic and social development of Chengdu.

  Sichuan Provincial Vice Governor Zhu Hexin (first on the right) inspects MCC5's project



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