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Wang Shilei Meets Huizhou Mayor Mai Jiaomeng
CopyFrom:MCC Date:16 February 2017
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  On February 14th, MCC Group Standing Committee Member, MCC Vice President and Shanghai Baoye President Wang Shilei met Huizhou Mayor Mai Jiaomeng in Guangzhou. Both sides held talks in a friendly atmosphere and exchanged views on deep cooperation in such fields as underground comprehensive pipe galleries, municipal infrastructure and beautiful village projects.

  Wang Shilei first introduced the development history of the MCC Group, pointing out that MCC is the pioneer and constructor of New China’s iron and steel industry. It has undertaken 90% of the design and construction works of domestic large steel enterprises, occupies 60% of the world’s metallurgy construction market, and has obtained fruitful results in the four industrial sectors of general project contracting, real estate development, equipment manufacturing and resource development. In 2016, MCC stepped up to a new level in its various economic indexes, and was honored as a Level I Enterprise in the 2015 Operating Performance Assessment of Central Enterprise Principals. Wang Shilei pointed out that in recent years the MCC Group has carried forward its new strategic positioning of being the ‘national team of metallurgical construction, the main force of infrastructure construction and the pacesetter of emerging industries’, achieved spectacular results in such fields as comprehensive pipe galleries, smart city, beautiful village and sponge city technology, theme parks, water environment technology and the healthcare industry, completed several large new industrial projects and become an comprehensive urban problem-solving expert. Especially in field of underground comprehensive pipe galleries, the MCC Group was the first to establish a professional technology institute and professional company, and jointly set up the first domestic hundred-billion-level urban comprehensive pipe gallery industry fund with the Postal Savings Bank. MCC voluntarily gives full play to its own superiorities in such fields as design, construction, technology and capital, conducts deep cooperation with Huizhou on underground comprehensive pipe galleries, sponge city and beautiful village technology and municipal infrastructure, and improves Huizhou’s urban construction.

  Mai Jiaomeng welcomed Wang Shilei and his delegation, then highly affirmed the MCC Group’s solid strength as a central enterprise with a long history and a leading role in such fields as urban underground pipe galleries, sponge city and beautiful village technology and municipal infrastructure. He pointed out that Huizhou’s location near Shenzhen and Hong Kong, on the coast of the East River and northeast of the Pearl River Delta in the south central region of Guangdong Province, makes it one of the central cities of the Pearl River Delta. In 2016, Huizhou was listed as the first national new urbanization comprehensive pilot area, and it has great potential and development prospects. It is the right time for MCC to conduct cooperation in municipal construction projects including pipe galleries, light railways, sponge city technology and wetland management.

  The meeting was attended by Huizhou Vice Mayor Lin Hong, City Government Secretary General Wu Xianmin, Deputy Secretary General Hu Zhiwei, Development and Reform Bureau Director Xu Yi, Housing Construction Bureau Director Gan Shaoquan and MCC Pipe Gallery President Fei Lidong.


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