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Zhang Mengxing Meets Imperial Pacific International Holdings President Xu Jianmin and Delegation
CopyFrom:MCC Date:16 February 2017
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  In the morning of February 15th, MCC President Zhang Mengxing met Imperial Pacific International Holdings Co., Ltd. President Xu Jianmin and his delegation at the MCC20 Group Headquarters. Both sides conducted friendly communication about further enhancing their deep cooperation in Saipan.

  President Zhang Mengxing welcomed President Xu Jianmin and his delegation, then pointed out that the MCC Group has fully carried forward the MCC spirit of ‘Never Delaying and Never Slacking’, mobilized resources and promoted the construction of the American Saipan Integrated Resort Phase I Engineering Project. The MCC Group, MCC International and MCC20 are paying close attention to the project, and both sides will carry out more extensive cooperation on follow-up projects.

  President Xu Jianmin highly affirmed the professional performance of MCC staff in Saipan projects, pointing out that under the situation of a serious lack of resources in Saipan, MCC has overcome all difficulties and shown an ‘Iron Army’ style with real strength. Through this cooperation, President Xu Jianmin has come to fully appreciate the MCC Group’s management level and ability. He also said that he hopes to cooperate with MCC further to construct an excellent project.

  The meeting was attended by MCC International Manager Fan Jintian, MCC20 President Zhang Jinxian, MCC20 Party Secretary Wang Yingjun, General Manager Zhu Yonggui, Vice President Yin Xin and Deputy Chief Economist Sun Xiaohui.


  President Zhang Mengxing meets President Xu Jianmin


  The participating leaders


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