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Guo Wenqing Meets Gansu Provincial Standing Committee Member and Lanzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary Li Rongcan
CopyFrom:MCC Date:15 February 2017
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  On February 14th, China Minmetals Corporation General Manager & Party Group Deputy Secretary and MCC Chairman & Party Committee Secretary Guo Wenqing met Gansu Provincial Standing Committee Member and Lanzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary Li Rongcan. Both sides conducted a deep exchange on such relevant infrastructure works as the Lanzhou Logistics Park, Anning Bonded Park, subways, expressways and pipe galleries. The meeting was attended by Lanzhou Municipal Standing Committee Member and Municipal Party Committee Secretary General Zhang Guoyi, Lanzhou Municipal Government Deputy Mayor and Municipal Development and Reform Committee Director Zuo Long, MCC General Accountant and Party Group Member Shen Ling and MCC Group Deputy General Manager & Party Group Member and MCC General Manager & Party Committee Deputy Secretary Zhang Zhaoxiang.

  Guo Wenqing welcomed Li Rongcan and his delegation, reviewed the friendly cooperation history between China Minmetals, MCC and Lanzhou City, and expressed gratitude for the support and assistance of the Lanzhou Municipal Party Committee and Government on the examination and approval of MCC's Logistics Park Project in Lanzhou and engineering construction projects in the long term. The new China Minmetals possesses a large volume, wide business fields and the advantages of an all-round industrial chain from reconnaissance, design, construction and operation to trade. Following the strategic recombination of China Minmetals and MCC, it is applying itself to creating a metallic ore group which is the best in China and first-class in the world. The implementation of the national ‘One Belt One Road’ strategy provides a new opportunity for deepening the cooperation between both sides. Lanzhou City is an important node city on the ‘One Belt One Road’ route. The new China Minmetals pays close attention to and strongly expects the further reinforcement of the cooperation and exchange between both sides. It will take Lanzhou City as a base point, enhance its interaction and exchange with the entire northwest region, play a positive role in implementing the ‘One Belt One Road’ strategy, and achieve common development, mutual benefits and win-win results for the enterprise, the city and the region.

  Guo Wenqing pointed out that the new China Minmetals is researching and planning the construction of 10 large logistics parks in national important node cities of logistics park construction. Lanzhou Logistics Park is one of the important strategic stations. He hopes that the Lanzhou Municipal Government will accelerate the planning and design of the Park’s circumscribed highways and the approval of its supporting railways. China Minmetals will accelerate the construction progress on this basis and ensure the quality of the project. He also suggested that Lanzhou’s municipal enterprises should participate properly, take part in the operation of the Logistics Park Project and jointly plan its development. In terms of pipe gallery construction, deeper and broader cooperation space should be opened up taking the PPP model as a reference. Regarding the construction of Anning Bonded Park, he hopes that they will enhance cooperation with Lanzhou New District Comprehensive Bonded Park, accelerate its progress and jointly create a bulk commodity distribution center radiating throughout Lanzhou and the entire northwest region. As for the construction of China Minmetals' northwest region headquarters, the new China Minmetals is inclined to build its headquarters mansion in the northwest region in Lanzhou. He hopes that Lanzhou City will provide corresponding support and more opportunities and for the development of the new China Minmetals in Lanzhou.

  Guo Wenqing pointed out that MCC Group has advanced technology and experience in shantytown transformation, expressway construction, beautiful village construction, underground pipe gallery construction, sewage treatment and so on, as well as strong capital construction capacity. The cooperation space of both sides is huge. Concurrently, the new China Minmetals holds all financial licenses, enabling it to provide fund sources with multiple channels for the construction and operation of projects.

  Li Rongcan expressed gratitude for the support and assistance provided by China Minmetals and MCC for the economic and social development of Lanzhou City for many years. He then introduced the economic development, ore resources and infrastructure construction situations of Gansu Province, especially the work progress and planning of water conservancy, traffic, new district construction, atmosphere control and so on. In terms of future cooperation, he said that Lanzhou City is willing to commonly accelerate logistics park construction with China Minmetals, make contributions to the implementing the national ‘One Belt One Road strategy’, accelerate the construction of Anning Bonded Park to create an important hub on the golden section of the Silk Road, and speed up the progress of the China Minmetals northwest region headquarters mansion construction to create a regional centre of China Minmetals that radiates throughout the northwest region.

  At the meeting, the personnel of both sides exchanged their opinions on specific matters of the projects being advanced by the MCC17 Group's Lanzhou Branch Company, such as the China Minmetals Lanzhou Logistics Park, CISDI Lanzhou New District Underground Comprehensive Pipe Gallery PPP Project and Lanzhou University of Technology.

  The meeting was attended by Wang Fang, Mao Yuduo, Gong Chengjiu, Zhao Feng and other relevant personnel of Anning District and the Lanzhou Municipal Party Committee and Government, and Xiao Xuewen, Liu Qingchun, Yin Sisong, Xue Fei, Yu Shigong, Yu Zhaohui, Yang Kui, Zeng Jianzhong, Liu Xinnian and other relevant personnel of MCC's related functional departments, MCC and China Minmetals Development.

General Manager Guo Wenqing and Secretary Li Rongcan


The personnel attending the meeting


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