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Guo Wenqing Meets Delegation of Chengdu Municipal Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Mayor Luo Qiang
CopyFrom:MCC Date:15 February 2017
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  On February 14th, China Minmetals Corporation General Manager & Party Group Deputy Secretary, MCC Group Chairman & Party Committee Secretary and MCC Chairman Guo Wenqing met a visiting delegation led by Chengdu Municipal Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Mayor Luo Qiang at the MCC Headquarters in Beijing. Both sides held talks in a cordial and friendly atmosphere, commonly reviewed their friendly cooperation history, looked ahead to future favourable cooperation prospects and deeply exchanged their opinions on further strengthening cooperation in such fields as the logistics industry, rail transit, urban comprehensive pipe galleries, beautiful villages, the health preservation industry and the finance industry.

  Guo Wenqing thanked the delegation of Mayor Luo Qiang for their visit and expressed gratitude for the strong support that the Chengdu Municipal Party Committee and Government have given China Minmetals and MCC for many years. He then introduced the development history and current situation of China Minmetals and MCC respectively, and emphasized the significance of the strategic recombination between the two. He went on to point out that China Minmetals and MCC have successfully implemented their strategic recombination, and the new China Minmetals has been included among the second batch of state-owned capital investment pilot enterprises approved by the State Council. It is one of the central enterprises taking real estate as its main business to be approved by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, and one of three central enterprises possessing all financial licenses. The asset scale of the new China Metals reaches over RMB 750 billion, and it has realized total profits of RMB 4.1 billion in 2016. It has 240,000 staff on duty, 29 national-level scientific and technological research and development platforms, and an accumulated total of more than 18,000 patents in force. Its scientific and technological innovation capacity and strength ranks in the forefront of central enterprises. The strategic positioning of the company is very explicit, which is to devote itself to creating a world first-class metallic ore enterprise group and the guarantor of the safety of national metallic ore resources. The new China Minmetals has gone through the channel of the all-round industrial chain and formed its all-round industrial chain integration advantage from resource obtaining, reconnaissance, design, construction and operation to circulation. Its volume in the metallic ore industry exceeds the three giants of the mining industry worldwide. He pointed out that MCC is the trailblazer and builder of New China's steel industry, and it has undertaken 90% of the design and construction tasks of large domestic steel enterprises and 60% of the global metallurgic construction market. In recent years, MCC has succeeded in realizing transformation, and it now devotes itself to being the ‘national team of metallurgical construction, the main force of capital construction and the pacesetter of emerging industries, insisting on taking the road of high-tech construction in the long term’. It has developed into a solutions expert of urban comprehensive problems, gained significant breakthroughs in such fields as rail transit, municipal infrastructure, large comprehensive stadiums and environmental engineering construction, and established 6 technical research institutes such as those concerning underground comprehensive pipe galleries, beautiful village and smart city technology and sponge city technology. The subsidiaries and projects of China Minmetals and MCC have many stations in Chengdu City dealing with a number of business fields including finance, real estate, high-end equipment manufacturing, high-end housing construction and municipal traffic. MCC5 and MCC19 have taken root in Chengdu in the long term in order to develop and make huge contributions to the economic and social construction of the city.

  Guo Wenqing stressed that Chengdu is a city with a long history, rich culture and obvious regional advantages. With a higher growth rate of its fiscal revenue, it has enjoyed great development and changes in recent years, and shows a favourable development vision. The strategic positioning of China Minmetals and MCC is identical to the future planning and development of Chengdu City. They are willing to develop deep cooperation with Chengdu in such fields as logistics industrial parks, rail transit, urban comprehensive pipe galleries, municipal infrastructure, specialty towns & beautiful villages and the finance industry. The new China Minmetals is inclined to establish its finance industry mansion in Chengdu, take root to pursue development and make further contributions to the economic and social development of the city by virtue of its strengths in design, construction, technology, funds, talents and so on.

  Luo Qiang expressed gratitude for the contributions made by China Minmetals and MCC to the economic and social development of Chengdu for many years, then briefly introduced the basic information of the city. He pointed out that Chengdu established its ‘157’ overall development vision which consists of ‘one leadership, five-in-one support and seven tasks’ after being approved to be a national central city; namely, accelerating the construction of the west centers of economy, science, cultural originality, going out and a comprehensive traffic hub, and conducting the optimization and upgrading of the city in the 7 aspects of space, power, economy, culture, ecology, people's livelihood and regulation. In 2016, Chengdu’s GDP reached over RMB 1.2 trillion, ranking 2nd among nationwide provincial capitals, and its growth rate has surpassed 30% for two consecutive years. Chengdu will be the third city with two international airports nationwide, and subways covering 650km will be built by 2020. Moreover, its fixed asset investment and industrial investment is increasing rapidly. In the future, Chengdu City will continue to increase the advancing strength of its relevant work in old city transformation, new city construction, rail transit, industrial parks and so on.

  Luo Qiang pointed out that China Minmetals and MCC have a profound friendship with Chengdu City. China Minmetals and MCC have made an alliance of giants, becoming the national team, main force and pacesetter of many business fields by virtue of their advantages following the strategic recombination. Chengdu is willing to further expand their cooperation fields on the basis of the existing cooperation. It is hoped that the new China Minmetals will actively participate in development and construction in such fields as urban complexes, rail transit, municipal infrastructure, logistics, finance, beautiful villages and the health preservation industry. The Chengdu Municipal Party Committee and Government will give strong support as always.

  The meeting was attended by Chengdu Municipal Government Secretary General Zhang Zhenghong, Municipal Party Committee Deputy Secretary General and Resident Office in Beijing Director Ma Liehong, Investment Promotion Committee Director Ding Xiaobin, China Minmetals Corporation Party Group Deputy Secretary and Deputy General Manager Dong Mingjun, Chief Accountant and Party Group Member Shen Ling, China Minmetals Corporation Deputy General Manager, Party Group Member and MCC General Manager Zhang Zhaoxiang, MCC5 Chairman Cheng Bingqiang, MCC General Office Director Zeng Gang and Domestic Market Development Division Director Zeng Jianzhong.





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