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Guo Wenqing Investigates, Surveys and Guides Work at Minmetals Resources
CopyFrom: Date:09 February 2017
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  On February 8th, China Minmetals Corporation General Manager and Deputy Party Committee Secretary Guo Wenqing investigated, surveyed and guided the work at Minmetals Resources. The investigation and survey were accompanied by China Minmetals Corporation Deputy Party Committee Secretary and Vice General Manager Dong Mingjun and China Minmetals Corporation Party Committee Member and Discipline Inspection Group Leader Lu Weidong.

  At the meeting, Guo Wenqing first extended New Year greetings to the cadres and employees of Minmetals Resources. He then listened to a report on the operation and management concepts of Minmetals Resources given by China Minmetals Corporation Assistant General Manager and Minmetals Resources General Manager and Party Committee Secretary Ren Zhufeng, learned about the progress of Minmetals Resources’ financial asset reorganization project, operation goals and items required for support during 2017 to 2020, gained an understanding of its implementation of full-license business, and fully affirmed its performance and team construction last year. Guo Wenqing and other participants also held an in-depth discussion of specific business operation and enterprise management problems.

  Guo Wenqing stressed that Minmetals Resources is the first unit in a series of investigations and surveys this year, and it fully embodies the new China Minmetals’ close attention to the financial services sector. Minmetals Resources is an important business unit of the China Minmetals Corporation and it plays a stable supporting role during this special period, especially in profit contribution. Since Minmetals Resources realized its successful listing at the end of last year, the China Minmetals Corporation has high expectations. Minmetals Resources will benchmark its peers among central enterprises, confirm new development goals, intensify strategic guidance and make good use of the platform advantages of a listed company. It is necessary to seize the opportunity, innovatively operate, realize spanning development and stride towards a higher development level.

  Guo Wenqing then put forward five clear-cut requirements for the future development of Minmetals Resources:

  First, it is necessary to deeply love the enterprise and firmly establish the will to work for the enterprise in the long term. As an internationalized enterprise, the new China Minmetals has gathered a batch of high-end internationalized talents. It is not easy for an enterprise to train talents. With large mobility in the financial industry itself, there are many chances in post selection, so we should correctly regard our own value. Our personnel team, especially the new China Minmetals’ high-end financial talents, shall firmly establish the will to work for the long term and firmly establish value in building a career for the long-term development of the Party and enterprise. Salaries alone cannot serve to measure its value. This is the premise and foundation on which we can perform well in our jobs. Meanwhile, everyone can grow up, make progress and sincerely exchange opinions when faced with conditions and problems, thereby avoiding the outflow of talents. Moreover, hard measures shall be adopted in organization. Once the conditions and symptoms of a trend are known, such as ‘undermining the foundation’ or ‘being a stool pigeon’, we shall be resolute in conducting strict investigation and correction, give full play to roles including discipline inspection and supervision, completely check after the problem is found, take action with legal procedures when necessary, firmly constrain unhealthy practices and evil phenomena, and firmly ensure that people who gain benefits and profit at public expense cannot escape.

  Second, it is necessary to focus on the China Minmetals Corporation’s struggling goals of ‘three steps and two doubles’, and comprehensively accomplish all operation tasks and indicators. Minmetals Resources shall confirm its own strategies and development paths compared with the China Minmetals Corporation’s strategies, perform well in top-level design, intensify strategic leadership and confirm the resolution of tasks in accordance with the China Minmetals Corporation’s tasks and indexes.

  Third, it is necessary to strictly manage and prevent all kinds of risks. In the financial industry, risk management and control is of the highest importance. We should avoid grandiose projects and spare no efforts in all works; it is necessary to focus on something more important. It is necessary to make correct judgments concerning the external environment and avoid from all kinds of risks in business operation, especially the ethical risks of operating personnel. It is also necessary to pay special attention to the problem of ‘minor officials, major corruption’. In addition, it is necessary to pay close attention to risks at the end of operation links because the effectiveness of risk management and control cannot decrease progressively from the higher levels to the grass roots, and it is necessary to strictly manage the grass roots.

  Fourth, it is necessary to activate the market, make full use of policies, innovate and explore the potential, and strive to be a bellwether among major clients of profit and tax. To activate the market, it is necessary to take aim at the market, change the thinking of the highest leadership, take the initiative to make visits for promoting alliances, discussing business and providing services; to make full use of policies, as the financial industry is closely related to the higher-level policies, it is necessary to strengthen research and strive for more policy support; and in innovation and the exploration of potential, it is necessary to start from the inside market, which means that if firewood isn’t easily cut down on the mountain outside, it is necessary to pick up branches in our courtyard. For major clients of profit and tax, the China Minmetals Corporation will adopt corresponding tracking assessment measures while also providing corresponding support for business development.

  Fifth, it is necessary to operate according to the laws and regulations, and work with honesty and high efficiency. The value of a bridge lies in its ability to bear weight, and the value of leaders lies in their ability to undertake. The leading cadres should be enterprising with a sense of mission, and never selfish. Cadres considering profiting at the expense of others and accumulating petty profits cannot be put in important positions. It is necessary to unite people with a common goal to work and establish business. The teams of Minmetals Resources are united, harmonious and full of life, and their spiritual outlook is excellent, which delights and invigorates the China Minmetals Corporation. In the future, it is necessary to practically implement the Party Committee’s entity responsibility and the Discipline Inspection Commission’s supervision responsibility, and it is also necessary to firmly confirm all responsibilities. Only in this way can our enterprise reach new heights.

  Dong Mingjun pointed out that Minmetals Resources should further strengthen its Party construction work and work style construction, and practically implement the entity responsibility of the Party Committee and the supervision responsibility of the Discipline Inspection Commission. The operation managers at all levels should ensure that their first identity is as Party members and administrative backbones in the economic field of the Party, and shall strengthen politics, discipline and established practices. It is necessary to carry out and implement all the Party construction work according to the Party construction work arrangements of the China Minmetals Corporation, and contrast with the Party construction assessment assignment book, thereby ensuring the normal and stable development of the enterprise and the completion of all operation tasks assigned by the China Minmetals Corporation.

  Lu Weidong pointed out that the overall listing of Minmetals Resources has brought about more opportunities for enterprise development; it is necessary to operate according to the laws and regulations, and strengthen risk management and control, especially honest risk management and control.

  At the meeting, the principals of the China Minmetals Corporation’s relevant departments put forward opinions and suggestions for the future development of Minmetals Resources.

  The investigation and survey were attended by China Minmetals Corporation General Office Director Yin Sisong, Strategic Development Department Director Xue Fei, Financial Head Office Director Zhang Shuqiang, Enterprise Development Department Director Mo Chunlei, Capital Operation Director Xiong Xiaobing, General Office Deputy Director Jin Zhifeng, Minmetals Resources’ relevant principals Wang Xiaodong, Xu Bing, Gao Hongfei, Liu Guowei, Zhao Ligong, Zhong Jianguo, Zhang Bizhen, Fan Yuwen and Guo Jinlu, and related personnel.

Guo Wenqing gives important instructions

  At the venue of the meeting


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