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Dong Mingjun Investigates MCC19
CopyFrom:MCC Date:07 February 2017
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On February 3rd, the first working day following the Spring Festival, China Minmetals CorporationDeputy Party Leading Group Secretary and Deputy General Manager Dong Mingjun visitedPanzhihuain Sichuan toinvestigateMCC19’s Party building work. He required MCC19 to grasp the grassroots, lay the foundation and build the system for its Party building work. He was accompanied in his investigation by MCC19 Party Secretary andPresident Tian Ye, Deputy Party SecretaryandGeneral Manager Ou Chenghua, Deputy Party Secretary andDiscipline Inspection Secretary Zhou Yuejing and Party CommitteeMember andDeputy General Manager Ye Zhongqin.

During the investigation, Dong Mingjun heard a report on MCC19’s Party building work given by Tian Ye, gave affirmation to the MCC19 Party Committee’sgrasp of the direction, key and honest Party conduct and organizational construction, and required the MCC19 Party Committee to revise itsParty building system according to that of China Minmetals, focus on solving theproblems at hand, placeemphasis on grassroots construction in 2017, and do a good practical job of Party branch construction.

Tian Ye said that MCC19’s Party building work will continue to follow‘Two Learning and One Doing’education according to Deputy Secretary Dong Mingjun’s requirements, grasp the grassroots, lay the foundation and build the system, thereby integrating Party building work into the enterprise’s development and gaugingthe effect of Party building work with achievements.

In the afternoon of February 3rd, Dong Mingjun investigated the Project Department of MCC19’s Chengdu Foreign Language Panzhihua School, visited the construction site and heard reports on the engineering process and conditions introduced by on-site buildersin whichstaff seized the duration ofthe Spring Festival. He told the builders of the Project Department to ‘focus on quality and safety, and use achievements to gaugeParty building work’.At theProject Department, Dong Mingjun heard a report on the Party building work,gave full affirmation to the completed Party building work and required the Project Department’s Party Branch to summarize the experience of the ‘three haves and three lacks’ of Party members at their side, thereby formingan empirical mode that can be duplicated for promotion. After that, Dong Mingjun gave a lively Party lectureto themembers of the Project Department’s Party Branch by combining thespirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s speech at the working conference of national state-owned enterprises on Party building work, and centering on Party branch construction and the Group Company’s Party working arrangements. In hislecture, he illustrated the difference between the work of theParty Committee and Party Branch, and emphasized that basic-level Party building work means doing a good job inParty Branch building work, and doing a good job inParty Branch building work is the emphasis of China Minmetals’ Party building work this year. MCC19 should practically implement its Party building work and system inthe Party Branch.

In the evening of February 3rd, Dong Mingjun visited 85-year-old Dong Jiaji,arepresentative of retired senior Party members.Dong Mingjun introduced China Minmetals’ development situation, expressed his sympathy for thesenior Party members of the MCC19 Group on behalf of China Minmetals, chattedwith senior Party member Dong Jiaji and inquiredabout his life and the working conditions of his children.

In the morning of February 4th, Dong Mingjun investigated MCC19’s Panzhihua Technician College. He first wentto the assembly training base of the 44th World Skills Competition and heldcordial talks with the National Head Coach of the Metal Structure Construction TeamLiu Dinglyu and the National Head Coach of the Welding Team Zhou Shuchun, so as to understand thepreparation conditions, assembly training conditionsand competition process. He shook hands with every competitorpreparing for the competition and told them to do a good job in theirassembly training and make new achievements under the guidance of national skill masters and based on the platform of winning gold and silver metals, thereby showing the spirit ofChinesecraftsmanship to the whole world. He required MCC19 to increase awards for prize-winners in international and national competitions and state-certified craftsmen, and use great awards to inspire the teams, attract talents and create atmosphere, thereby guiding more young people to guard against arrogance, study technology in a down-to-earth way and carryforward the spirit of craftsmanship. After that, Dong Mingjun visitedthe robot welding, laser welding and vehicle maintenance teaching areas of the Panzhihua Technician College,where he heldcordials discussions with teachers and asked them about the teaching situation, student learning conditions and employment situation one by one. In the teaching Party Branch of the Panzhihua Technician College, Dong Mingjun checked the materials of Party Branch transformationand ‘Three Conferences and One Lesson’, heard a branch construction situation report given by the branch secretary, and encouragedthe branch secretary and Technician College Party Committee to do a good job in the‘Three Cultivations’, thereby turning technical talents into Party members, Party members into technical talents and technical talents amongParty members into cadres. Dong Mingjun also visited the Zhou Shuchun National Skills Master Studio and Panzhihua Technician College Exhibition Hall. He required MCC19 to givefull play to its advantages as a world champion and national level team, and strive to forge an enterprise brand.

Dong Mingjun hears a report by theProject Department on Party building work and givesa Party lecture

Dong Mingjun inspects theworks of the Panzhihua Technician College’s Party Branch transformationand ‘Three Conferences and One Lesson’

Dong Mingjun visits senior Party member Dong Jiaji

Dong Mingjun visits coaches and contestantsat theMetal Construction Team’s assembly training base for the 44th World Skills Competition

Dong Mingjun and his delegationinspect the Chengdu Foreign Language Panzhihua School Project

Dong Mingjun visits Zhou Shuchun National Skills Master Studio



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