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MCC Huatian Wins National Engineering Design Comprehensive Level I Qualification
CopyFrom:MCC Date:06 February 2017
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On January 26th, according to the bulletin of the National Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, MCC Huatian won the highest national engineering design qualification: the Engineering Design Comprehensive Level I Qualification. MCC Huatian is now a ‘versatile-type’ design enterprise which can engage in the business of engineering design and overall contracting in all 21 industries. This is a piece of significant good news in the strategic development of MCC Huatian.

The predecessors of MCC Huatian were the Metallurgical Industry Department’s Ma'anshan Steel Design Research Institute (set up in 1962) and the Metallurgical Industry Department’s Baotou Steel Design Institute (set up in 1957), the latter of which was among the earliest large comprehensive design institutes established in new China. At present, MCC Huatian has completed its overall transformation into a solution service provider of urban and industrial development systems with scientific research and design at its core, as well as an overall life cycle service provider for the investment, financing, consultation, planning, design, construction and operation of engineering projects.

The acquisition of thiscomprehensive Level I qualification represents the overall review and full affirmation of the total strength of MCC Huatian, embodies its comprehensive strength in qualifications, experience, credit, technician team, technical conditions and equipment, management level, engineering performance and so on, demonstrating the brand image and social influence that MCC should possess as a domestic comprehensive scientific research and design enterprise.

The acquisition of this comprehensive Level I qualification has extremely important strategic significance for MCC Huatian. It is the highest-level engineering design qualification at present. It allows the undertaking of the engineering design and overall contracting business in 21 industries including metallurgy, construction, municipal administration, electric power, the chemical industry, highways, railways, water conservancy and water transport, with an unlimited scale.

The acquisition of this comprehensive Level I qualification removes the qualification admittance threshold limit, allowing MCC Huatian to spare no effort to exploit urban infrastructure, comprehensive water environment regulation, soil restoration and new energy power generation. It concurrently opens a broad development space for business expansion in such industries as chemicals, electric power, machinery, electronic communication, building materials, water transport and water conservancy.

In 2017, the transformation development of MCC Huatian enters a key period, as this is the key year for transforming into a ‘big, strong and new-type institute’ and also the testing and raising year for making overall efforts in emerging businesses and marching towards the industrial high ground. MCC Huatian will actively give full play to the advantages brought by possessing the Engineering Design Comprehensive Level I Qualification, help the ‘21135’ talent team composed of 200 doctors, 1,000 postgraduates, 1,300 undergraduates and 500 junior college students, and continue writing the wonderful chapters of ‘entrepreneurship for the second time and spanning development’.



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