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Delegation of Guo Wenqing Visits Nonferrous Institute to Investigate, Survey and Comfort
CopyFrom:MCC Date:24 January 2017
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In the morning of January 24th, in the company of China Minmetals Corporation Deputy General Manager, Party Group Member and MCC Group General Manager Zhang Zhaoxiang, China Minmetals Corporation General Manager & Party Group Deputy Secretary and MCC Group Chairman & Party Committee Secretary Guo Wenqing visited China ENFI Engineering Co., Ltd. and the China ENFI Engineering Corporation (‘Nonferrous Institute’) to conduct an investigation and survey, and comfort old experts and comrades.

Guo Wenqing first comforted such old experts and comrades as Yu Runcang, Jiang Jimu and Wang Zhongshi on behalf of the new China Minmetals and MCC Group, thanked them for their important contributions to the reform and development of the Nonferrous Institute and even the scientific and technological progress of China’s Nonferrous Industry in the long term, and wished them a happy Spring Festival. Guo Wenqing introduced the performance gained by the new China Minmetals and MCC Group in 2016 and their future development goals, pointing out that the goals of the implementation of the strategic recombination between China Minmetals and MCC Group are to create a metal mining corporation which is ‘first in China’ and ‘first-class in the world’. Following the recombination, the total assets of the new China Minmetals now reach RMB 750 billion and its financial assets reach RMB 700 billion, giving it the biggest volume in the metal mining field. The strategic recombination is currently running smoothly. In 2016, the new China Minmetals achieved an even better performance. Over the next few years, the new China Minmetals will continue advancing according to the strategic target of ‘Three steps, two doubles’. The first step is to realize profits of RMB 10 billion by the end of 2017, doubling the profits of 2016, and to finish the tasks of the transitional period including stopping the bleeding, controlling losses, reorganization and transformation. The second step is to realize profits of RMB 20 billion by the end of 2018, doubling the profits of 2017 again, in order to completely possess the functions of a state-owned capital investment company. The third step is that, in respect of metal mining, up to 2020, the new China Minmetals will sustain its first place in the world ranking of tungsten, stibium, indium, germanium and bismuth, gain strong influence and a certain control force on cooper, nickel, lead and zinc internationally, possess capacity in the global allocation of mineral resources and the integration of production, supply and trade, and achieve the goal of creating a Chinese metal mining corporation which is ‘first in China and first-class in the world’. The operational performance of MCC Group will continue to increase. In 2016, MCC Group's operation revenue showed a steady rise, and achieved the steady increase of its profits and a continuous reduction of its liability with interest. In the next few years, MCC Group will advance in accordance with the target of ‘focusing on the main business of MCC and building a beautiful MCC’, and strive to be the ‘national team of metallurgical construction, the main force of capital construction and the pacesetter of emerging industries, insisting on taking the road of high-tech construction in the long term’. The concept of ‘building a beautiful MCC’ means forging a team of around 100,000 persons and achieving operation revenue of RMB 300 billion and profits of RMB 10 billion. He emphasized that development towards this goal requires power and the unceasing cultivation of talents. Old specialists and comrades are the precious treasure of the enterprise. MCC Group has academicians who are over 80 years old, and it also needs young academicians. He hopes that the old specialists and comrades will give further play to their roles of passing on experience, cultivate more leaders in science and technology for the various research institutes, and continuously boost the business development of the new China Minmetals and MCC Group.

The academician Yu Runcang reported on the related situation of the preparation of the China Mining Innovation Center (‘Innovation Center’) to Guo Wenqing and expressed his hope that the new China Minmetals and MCC Group will obtain greater development performance on behalf of its old experts and comrades. Guo Wenqing fully affirmed the significance and application prospects of establishing the Innovation Center. He said that General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly stressed that it is necessary for the development and growth of the real economy. The development of the real economy must depend on scientific and technological innovation. Various research institutes subordinate to the group company have researched and developed a large amount of technology. Only if technology is converted into products which are promoted to the market to create benefits can technology truly be provided with vitality. He declared that the organization and operation of the Innovation Center will be greatly supported and provided with scientific and technological funding.

The Nonferrous Institute is the point of contact for the Party construction of Comrade Guo Wenqing. In his investigation and survey, Guo Wenqing affirmed the reform, development and Party construction of the Nonferrous Institute in recent years, expressed his sympathy to all of the cadres and staff of the Nonferrous Institute and proposed requirements for the work of the Institute’s next step. He pointed out that the Nonferrous Institute should insist on problem-orientation, research its own shortcomings and unceasingly pursue and surpass. He required that the Nonferrous Institute, as the bellwether of Chinese metal mining in the nonferrous engineering construction sector, should act as the role of the central institute, give full play to its industry-leading role and intensify its strategic coordination with such units as the Changsha Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy and the Changsha Institute of Mining Research and Minmetals Exploration Co., Ltd. He stressed that the Party's work must be combined with the promotion of economic development. When difficulties and problems occur, it is necessary for Party members, and especially the leaders and cadres among Party Members, to be in the front. General Secretary Xi Jinping requires leaders and cadres to lead the lower level by the higher level and set an example. The leading body of the Nonferrous Institute should take the lead in setting an example, be in the front line when there are difficulties and unceasingly promote the work of the Nonferrous Institute to advance to the next level. On behalf of the leading body, Nonferrous Institute Chairman Lu Zhifang declared that they will earnestly implement the requirements of General Manager Guo Wenqing, endeavour to pay attention to their performance, make up for shortcomings and realize better and faster development.

The investigation, survey and comfort activities were attended by MCC Group Party Committee Deputy Secretary and President Zhang Mengxing, MCC Group Standing Party Committee Member and MCC Vice President Qu Yang, main principals of the Party Group Publicity Division (Enterprise Culture Division) of the group company, and primary principals of MCC's General Office, Organization Division, Party and Masses Work Division and so on.

Guo Wenqing comforts Chinese Academy of Engineering Academician Yu Runcang

Guo Wenqing comforts National Design Master Jiang Jimu

Guo Wenqing comforts National Model Worker Wang Zhongshi

Guo Wenqing and leaders with old experts and comrades



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