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MCC Party Committee Rapidly Conveys 2017 MCC Group and MCC Work Meeting Spirit
CopyFrom:MCC Date:22 January 2017
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In the afternoon of January 19th, the MCC Group Party Committee held a symposium to immediately learn and convey the spirit of the 2017 MCC Group and MCC Work Meeting. At the meeting, the important address Problems in the MCC Group’s Leadership Construction was given by China Minmetals Corporation Manager, MCC Group President & Party Secretary and MCC President Guo Wenqing, a summary speech about the work in 2017 was given by MCC Group Manager and MCC Party Committee Secretary & Vice President Zhang Zhaoxiang, the work report Ride the Momentum to Seek Advancement, March to Start a New Chapter and Strive to Promote ‘Good MCC Construction’ was presented by MCC President Zhang Mengxing, and specific requirements with respect to the following work of the Headquarters were put forward.

At the meeting, the situation of the 2017 MCC Group and MCC General Work Meeting was stated, and it was pointed out that it was an important meeting for seeking development and promoting upgrading under the new situation of the recombination and deep integration between CMC and the MCC Group, as well as the high-end orientation, intensification and internationalization of the architecture industry. In his speech, President Guo Wenqing systematically summarized the four core features of the MCC Group’s leadership in recent years for the first time, deeply analyzed the question of ‘Why leadership construction needs to be enhanced’ for the first time, and elaborately expounded on the important question of ‘How to build MCC Group’s leadership brand’. The meeting concluded the MCC Group’s production and running conditions, analyzed the future situation and deployed the key work of 2017.

Several requirements were made at the meeting: first, every department needs to seriously organize and learn the 2017 General Work Meeting spirit and pay special attention to implementation combined with the actual work. Next, it is required to formulate and complete the department’s work plan and key mission in 2017 pursuant to the new spirit and new requirements of the Work Meeting, and regard it as a significant measure for carrying out the meeting’s spirit and appraisal. Finally, it is necessary to practically strengthen the sense of responsibility and urgency, and complete every task before the Spring Festival with high quality and efficiency. Every branch must implement Party management and governing duty, constantly deepen ‘two learning and one doing’ education results, and take concrete actions to fully carry out the implementation of the spirit.



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