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MCC Party Committee Holds 2016 Leading Cadres and Party Members Democratic Life Meeting
CopyFrom:MCC Date:22 January 2017
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On January 20th, according to the relevant requirements of the Notice on Holding Leading Cadres and Party Members Democratic Life Meeting of Party and State Organs above County Level in 2016 issued by the CPC Central Discipline Inspection Commission and Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC and Minmetals' Party Group, the MCC Party Committee held the 2016 Leading Cadres and Party Members Democratic Life Meeting under the theme ‘Fully Implement the Spirits of the 6th Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, Stick to Missions and Undertakings, Cohere Hearts and Power, and Firmly Advance the Stable Implementation of the New Strategic Positioning’. It was held in order to deeply investigate and solve problems, profoundly analyze the causes, seriously and carefully develop criticism and self-criticism, put forward genuine improvement measures, strive to create actual effects in deepening ‘Four Winds’ rectification, strengthen and expand the Party's mass line education and practices, and the special educational achievements of ‘Three Strict and Three Steady’, feasibly enhance ‘Four Awarenesses’, obey principles and pay attention to rules, and make real effects appear in favorable political ecology, real practices and solid work, and the promotion of stable reform and development. The meeting was hosted by MCC General Manager, Party Committee Secretary and Deputy Chairman Zhang Zhaoxiang, and attended by such comrades as China Minmetals Corporation Supervisory Bureau Deputy Director Wang Hongbin, Party Group Publicity Department Deputy Director Li Jiang and others.

Zhang Zhaoxiang pointed out that this is the first Democratic Life Meeting to be held in the new situation of the deep integration and strategic recombination of China Minmetals and MCC, and the construction industry moving towards high-end orientation, intensification and internationalization; it is the key step and the priority of priorities for learning and implementing the spirits of the 6th Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, and the concentrated reflection of the learning and education effects of ‘Party building studies’. Holding the special Democratic Life Meeting is not only an important requirement for making political life within the Party serious, but also for inspiring the Party spirit and consciousness and political undertakings that every Party member should have. He hopes that our comrades will keep carrying forward the good habits formed in learning and education. Contrasting and checking should come to the point, go straight to the theme and be frank. Affairs should be handled according to objects. Criticism and assistance should be conducted with purpose, hit the mark and be spoken out in order to ensure that the special Democratic Life Meeting reaches high quality.

At the meeting, the preparation and consultation of the Democratic Life Meeting was reported and the material for the leading body's contrast and inspection was read. The MCC Party Committee pays close attention to the completion of the special Democratic Life Meeting and makes elaborate organization and arrangements. Surrounding the requirements of ‘Party Building Studies’ on learning and education, it is necessary to practically reinforce the ‘Four Awarenesses’, principally contrast the Certain Principles of Political Life Within the Party Under the New Situations and Regulations of Supervision Within the Chinese Communist Party, and earnestly carry out collective learning, exchanges and discussions. We should use various forms to deeply learn and understand the spirits of the 6th Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, the Party Construction Work Meeting of National State-owned Enterprises and the important speeches of General Secretary Xi Jinping. Extrude problem-orientation, deepen ideological understanding and profoundly recognize the significance of strengthening and standardizing political life within the Party and enhancing the supervision within the Party, feasibly enhance political and cultural construction within the Party and strictly and steadily finish the ideological and motioned consciousness of the Democratic Life Meeting. Through wide multi-directional and multi-level consultation, deeply carry out one-to-one talks and carefully record the contrast and inspection material of the leading body and personal speech outlines in order to lay a firm foundation for completing the Democratic Life Meeting.

At the meeting, Zhang Zhaoxiang took the lead in making a speech on personal contrast and inspection, earnestly carried out criticism and self-criticism, and related his personal experiences to illustrate problems, find sources and confirm measures in four aspects: Focus on being politically qualified, implement the pursuit of qualification in discipline and morality, and give full play to roles conforming to the requirements. Other members of the leading body have faced problems without hiding or bypassing, and contrasted and inspected them one by one. They not only found shortcomings in the work and gaps in ideology and Party spirit, they voluntarily claimed responsibility for those problems found in the contrast and inspection of the leading body. Everyone focused on and went straight to the theme, envisaged and faced up to problems, deeply exchanged ideology, exchanged opinions, investigated and solved the leading body’s problems in ideology, organization, style and discipline, made serious and profound analyses and inspections, put forward opinions matter-of-factly, helped comrades genuinely and sincerely, and further clarified the striving directions and improvement measures. All of the above had positive effects on mutual education and vigilance, and achieved the goal of ‘Unity-Criticism-Unity’.

In the summary speech, Zhang Zhaoxiang pointed out that the Democratic Life Meeting had full preparations, a good atmosphere and high quality, realizing the goal of the leading body of uniting ideology and promoting unity on a higher level. It saw the important promotion of implementing the requirements to strictly govern the Party overall, deepen the learning and education of ‘Party Building Studies’, and reinforce the personal construction of the leading body. The members of the leading body should contrast and solve the investigated problems, take the lead in finishing rectification and reform, and improve their styles, thereby setting an example for the Party organizations of MCC's various levels and all Party Members. They should set an example and lead the lower level by the higher level, keeping up with the Central Government all the time. They should be faithful to the Party, have the courage to act, work firmly to start business and provide a strong guarantee for the promotion and implementation of MCC's new strategic positioning of being the ‘national team of metallurgical construction, the main force of capital construction and the pacesetter of emerging industries, insisting on taking the road of high-tech construction in the long term’.

Wang Hongbin gave a positive appraisal of the Democratic Life Meeting, pointed out that it was held strictly on the basis of regulated procedures and steps. Its preparations were full. Through this meeting, democracy can be fully carried forward; everyone's contrast and inspection was profound, precise and thorough, coming from the depths of their hearts, and the persons, matters and thoughts were almost universally explicit. The Democratic Life Meeting was completed with high quality. For the next step, the leading body and its members should further strengthen its learning, continuously boost the ‘Four Awarenesses’, practically strengthen and employ the achievements of the Democratic Life Meeting, unceasingly advance cohesion, executive force and fighting capacity, fuse the Party's construction with the modern enterprise's governance, lead the various work of the reform and development of the enterprise, and further promote development, integration and fusion.

The meeting was attended by related personnel from the MCC Party Committee Office, Party Committee Organization Department, Party and Masses Work Department and Party Committee Publicity Department as nonvoting delegates.


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