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MCC Group and MCC Solemnly Hold 2017 Working Conference in Beijing
Seeking advancement in the momentum-composing new chapter through struggle and diligence
Guo Wenqing delivers important speech ‘Leadership Construction Problems of the MCC Group’
Zhang Zhaoxiang gives summary speech and Zhang Mengxing makes work report
CopyFrom:MCC Date:19 January 2017
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On January 18th, under the new situation of deepening the integration of the strategic recombination of China Minmetals and MCC Group, and the high-end, intensive and international construction industry, the MCC Group and MCC solemnly held the 2017 Working Conference in Beijing, at which the production and management conditions of 2016 were comprehensively summarized, and the important works of 2017 concerning seeking development and promoting upgrading were scientifically deployed. The conference was attended by China Minmetals General Manager, MCC Group President and Party Secretary, and MCC President Guo Wenqing, who also delivered an important speech.

In his speech entitled ‘Leadership Construction Problems of the MCC Group’, from the viewpoint of the realization of MCC’s sustainable development, Guo Wenqing systematically summarized the four core features of the MCC Group’s leadership in recent years, deeply analyzed the question ‘Why Strengthen Leadership Construction?’, and incisively explained the important problem of ‘How to Create the MCC Group’s Leadership Brand’.

Guo Wenqing pointed out that the development history of MCC is a process of the constant improvement of leadership. Looking back over the development of MCC in recent years, guided by ‘Focusing on MCC’s main business and building a glorious MCC’, MCC people started a great battle to solve its difficulties and rescue itself through great efforts in the face of the trials and great pressures of the enterprise’s survival or extinction, as well as reform and ‘going out’. In just a few years, the enterprise achieved reversal and growth, and leapt from Level D to B to A with new changes, power, structure and quality. With every step forward, it begins its new history; with every step forward, it passes on its pride. The course of the struggle during these years engraves the tenacious will and quality of all MCC people, and the diligence and tempering of these years form the quality of thinking and understanding of MCC’s leadership. Every advancement means sublimation, and every success declares a new start. Taking ‘stability’ as its priority, MCC achieved fast-growing benefits; taking ‘superiority’ as its power, it gained and stronger power; taking ‘creation’ as the basis, it attained more abundant scientific and technological strength; and taking ‘action’ as the goal, it accomplished effective supply-side structural reform. Everyone deeply realizes that MCC’s leadership was established through solid work and the courage to bear responsibilities and exercise management, forged by honest and clean leaders, based on the belief in and loyalty to the Party and national causes in its heart, soul and passionate blood, and derived from the common responsibility of one mind led by the right strategy.

He stressed that the requirements of the new situation are challenging MCC’s leadership at present. The primary reason for the leadership construction reinforcement currently raised is that the world, state and Party conditions bring new challenges for the leadership construction of MCC’s state-owned enterprises. The requirements of the new situation require new leadership which will make the decisions required by the situation and dare to take responsibilities. Leadership reinforcement is a necessary requirement for active adaptation, seizing and leading in the new normal, and the fast construction of a strong, excellent and large state-owned enterprise, as well as the reinforcement of enterprises and Party construction.

He pointed out that new positioning and mission call for leadership. MCC should actively exert the opportunity of the strategic recombination, adhere to the core idea of ‘value thinking and benefit orientation’, and focus on its core business in order to create world-class core technology, a specialized brand and provider of urban and industrial development system solutions, and a servicer of the life cycles of projects, thereby building MCC into a world-class comprehensive engineering company with international competitiveness. This is MCC’s new historical positioning. As the new positioning and tasks require, we should pay more attention to quality, benefits, structure optimization, technology leadership and efficiency improvement, as well as the golden content of enterprise value and dynamic core competitiveness, thereby achieving higher quality, better benefits and the more sustainable and stable development of the MCC Group. In addition, with the further development of MCC, we will face more and more new conditions, problems, risks, challenges and unpredictable events which will inevitably lead us to undergo the long-term, complicated and severe trials of ‘climbing the snow mountain’ and ‘passing the grassland’. These trials come from coordination and development, transformation and upgrading, innovation and breakthrough, and long-term administration. Facing the new mission and tasks, the existing leadership of MCC is far from sufficient, so it is extremely urgent to strengthen the construction of that leadership at various levels. This is a subject that MCC faces in the process of its development era, and also a problem which decides the success or failure of MCC’s sustainable development.

Guo Wenqing stressed that the development strategy should be tightly focused in order to build the MCC Group’s leadership brand. First, strategic control is the most essential leadership quality of the enterprise, and strategy should be prioritized for enterprise development. 1. Comply with development laws and accelerate scientific transformation. 2. Shape the specialized brand and make the strongest and best main business. 3. Perfect the main business and appropriately handle multi-element and coordinated development. Second, reform and innovation is the form of leadership which simulates vitality to the extreme. The difference between leadership and management is that leadership embodies the strength of reform and innovation. MCC’s endowment of high technology resources is one of the core elements which allow the survival and development of MCC, and also provide the strength that decides the victory of MCC’s recreated new advantages in the future. 1. Use the potential of MCC’s national key laboratory and technology platforms to the greatest extent. 2. Thoroughly solve the implementation problem of core technology productization. 3. Unleash the vitality of technological talents. Third, grasping the Group and leading the team is the leadership that decides the success or failure of an enterprise’s career. It is the first ability to strictly manage leaders. Without this ability, all other abilities will be weak. 1. Insist on the orientation of the effective selection and utilization of personnel. 2. Strictly standardize the procedure of the selection and utilization of personnel. 3. Strengthen the training and selection of young leaders and talents. 4. Strictly manage and supervise leaders. Fourth, strict discipline is the form of leadership with the most restraining force. MCC keeps consistent pace in building an orderly team, which requires the common ideal and goal of ‘Building a glorious MCC’ and also holds strict discipline and rules as the guarantee. 1. Enhance the ‘four consciousnesses’ and follow the core. 2. Physically and powerfully bear the responsibility of Party management and governance. 3. Strictly and physically grasp the construction of work style to the end. 4. Put discipline and rules in first place. 5. Insist on fighting and clearing out every form of corruption. Fifth, ‘taking the lead’ is the most convincing leadership. Leaders should set a good example in firm belief, responsibility, action, unity and harmony, as well as honesty and integrity.

As MCC Group General Manager and MCC Party Secretary & Vice President Zhang Zhaoxiang pointed out, the important speech of President Guo Wenqing was both far-sighted and down-to-earth, with strong strategic, ideological and realistic pertinence, and it will have great and far-reaching significance for the promotion of MCC’s steady and sustainable development in the future. In specifying the basic work orientation, the speech has extraordinary guiding significance on the precise force of all subsidiary enterprises at the right acting point in the new positioning. In order to learn and carry out the spirit of the conference, it is very important for each unit to deeply learn and understand Guo Wenqing’s important speech, make efforts to grasp the connotations of the theme, thoroughly understand the essence of the spirit, and most importantly attain a profound understanding of the good intentions of the leadership construction proposed at this stage, then unify their thoughts and actions with the spirit of the speech.

Zhang Zhaoxiang put forward several requirements for enterprise asset operation and Party construction, pointing out that asset operation and the resource allocation efficiency should be promoted and the enterprise’s value creation ability should be enhanced; the requirement of strict Party management should be carried out physically, and thoughts, politics and actions should be highly consistent with the Party Central Committee; the central spirit should be learned and understood thoroughly, and the sense of the responsibility and mission of Party construction should be enhanced and grasped well; ideological understanding should be learned and understood earnestly, and promoted comprehensively; the deep integration of Party construction and production and operation should be carried forward continuously; responsibility should be implemented and the Party should always be managed and governed with a ‘strict’ spirit; and the basic level should be grasped, the foundation laid and Party construction from the basic level standardized and innovated.

MCC President Zhang Mengxing made a work report entitled ‘Seeking Advancement in the Momentum-Composing New Chapter through Struggle and Diligence - Striving for a New Stage of “Building a Glorious MCC”’ which reviewed the production and operation work of 2016, and deployed the various works of 2017. He pointed out that in 2016 MCC’s new contract amount reached a new high, its profits and operating income rose steadily, the leading role of the budget was strengthened, its capital structure was continuously optimized, its profitability was constantly improved and its capital operation realized a breakthrough. In 2017, the spirits of the Central Economic Working Conference, Central Enterprise Principals Conference and China Minmetals Working Conference should be carried out thoroughly. Under the leadership of China Minmetals, the MCC Group and the MCC Board of Directors and Party Committee, depending on leading employees with a high starting point and strict requirements, the Group will firmly focus on ‘ensuring growth and increasing quality and efficiency’ and the main line of ‘strategic implementation’ to highlight the two goals of ‘intensifying external marketing and reinforcing internal fine management’, promote breakthroughs on the three fronts of ‘basic construction, emerging industries and overseas markets’, seize the four action points of ‘making the enterprise stronger with technology and revitalizing the enterprise with talents, project control and safety production’, improve the level and ability of ‘capital operation, risk prevention and control, cost control, employee quality and brand image’ and build ‘elite teams’ of the central enterprise with all efforts. 1. Insist on the constant force of strategic implementation and find the right direction in the wider situation. 2. Insist on the priority of market development and promote transformation and upgrading through vitality reinforcement. 3. Insist on the leading of technical innovation and redouble development force through steady promotion. 4. Insist on the guidance of fine management and optimize operation quality through decreasing costs and increasing benefits. 5. Insist on the implementation of risk prevention and control, and strictly strengthen resource control. 6. Insist on the stimulation of human resources and stimulate endogenous potency through cultural optimization. 7. Insist on the self-confidence of MCC culture and achieve foundation consolidation through brand promotion.

At the conference, advanced groups and individuals were praised, the comprehensive performance duty contract was signed, and an evaluation of leading groups and members in 2016 was conducted.

The conference concluded following the successful completion of various agendas.

The conference was attended by China Minmetals’ relevant department principals, MCC Group and MCC leaders, outside directors, chief managers, chief assistants, general counsels, safety directors and vice chief managers, principals of subsidiary companies, regional branch companies, technology research institutes and some tertiary subsidiary companies, MCC Group and MCC leaders at vice minister level and above of various functional departments, and MCC Group’s model workers.

Guo Wenqing delivers an important speech

Zhang Zhaoxiang gives summary speech

Zhang Mengxing makes work report

Conference scene

Guo Wenqing and other leaders with the MCC Group’s model workers

Guo Wenqing and other leaders present prizes to winning units and individuals



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