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First Domestic Refractory Gold Pressing Preoxidation Technology Application Project Designed by China ENFI Is Put into Operation
CopyFrom:MCC Date:13 January 2017
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From January 10th to 11th, the Guizhou Zijin Mining Shuiyingdong 450 t/d Gold Ore Pressing Preoxidation Technical Innovation Project was put into operation, marking that Guizhou Zijin Mining arsenic and carbon bearing refractory gold pressing preoxidation key technology development and industrial application project designed by China ENFI and developed by China ENFI and Zijin Mining attains the internationally advanced level and filling China’s blank for refractory gold ore pressing preoxidation treatment and gold extraction technology.

Processing of arsenic and carbon bearing refractory gold by Guizhou Zijin Mining by means of the pressing preoxidation technology is an important breakthrough in gold smelting technology and the first refractory gold pressing preoxidation technology industrialization application in China. It adopts all-wet technology which prevents sulphur and arsenic smoke from polluting the environment and harming the operating staff, and effectively solves the low gold recovery, high costs, high energy consumption, low comprehensive recovery and bad environmental protection problems of refractory gold ore. It is better than the same overseas projects in engineering cohesion and matching, and its opens a new path towards reasonable development and the effective use of refractory gold ore. It also plays an important role in achieving the comprehensive use of precious metals, promoting the ecological environmental protection of mining, improving industrial equipment and boosting the sustainable development of the gold industry.

The successful application of this technology not only provides a new method for the comprehensive development and use of refractory gold, but also reflects China ENFI’s all-procedure and full life-cycle service ability in the development and use of gold.



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