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Guo Wenqing Hears Work Reports of MMG Management Team
CopyFrom:MCC Date:20 October 2016
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On October 19th, China Minmetals Corporation General Manager & Deputy Party Committee Secretary and MCC Group Chairman & Party Committee Secretary Guo Wenqing heard the work reports of MMG CEO Andrew Michelmore and his management team, and put forward important instructions for the later works of MMG. China Minmetals Corporation Deputy General Manager and Party Member Jiao Jian attended the meeting.

Guo Wenqing expressed his appreciation for the contributions of the MMG management team to the development of the China Minmetals Corporation and MMG in the past. He pointed out the important role of MMG in the future development of China Minmetals, and said they attach great importance to the management and development of the team. He then raised 3 requirements for related works:

First, adopt the good points and avoid the shortcomings, bring advantages into full play, and continue to conduct the enhanced construction of the management team on the basis of past works.

Second, strengthen the management of the team and create profits. As an important property of the China Minmetals Corporation, MMG is in charge of preserving and increasing value. Along with changes in the international production and management environment, our methods of production and management also need to change. Management is the eternal main part of enterprises, changing all the time. Strengthen in-depth management and management integration, make early predictions concerning the hidden dangers to enterprise development, and decisively dispose of the problems in good time. At present, MMG is in a continuous deficit and enduring immense pressure. From the perspective of major shareholders, we should quickly create profits and show our confidence to the mine and the team.

Third, implement and carry out the strategic guidelines and intentions of the major shareholders, and guarantee that government orders proceed unimpeded. As a national enterprise, we manage both national property and Party property. The difference between national enterprises and other enterprises is that we are the enterprises of the Party, and enterprises led by Party leaders have many features. First, be responsible for the career of our Party and country; second, the leaders must set an example for others, and be at the front line in difficult times; and third, we implement Group leadership, so significant problems should be researched, verified and decided by the Group, which is a very good thing for enterprise development.

Guo Wenqing emphasized that MMG has a bright future and is able to do great things. In the past, the China Minmetals Corporation and the MCC Group both international top 500 enterprises, and they aimed to become the first and leading metal mineral enterprise in China after the strategic recombination. We create a channel of the whole industrial chain, including mine acquirement, reconnaissance, mining, design, construction and operation, in which the inner resources can match each other and markets can be created for the Company,  adopting the good points and avoiding the shortcomings in order to accomplish something great. MCC also possesses such major projects as Ramu nickel mineral, Duda lead-zinc ore and Sandak copper ore. In the future, our competitiveness in the global mining industry will increase step by step instead of being weakened. We should enhance our influence, control and discourse power in the world. Our profits and goals are consistent and we are a family. We should build our confidence, strengthen our communication and get through the current difficult times together in order to conduct the improved construction and management of MMG's Bombas Copper Mine Project.

Guo Wenqing emphasized that the current environment and market are changing fast, so we also need to change to serve our strategy. Integrated management is very important and the Papua New Guinea Nickel Project and Shanghai Disney Project are typical examples of Chinese group localization and integrated management. We should communicate more management experience and methods, and adopt the most effective ways to carry out the work at hand.

Andrew Michelmore thanked Guo Wenqing for his valuable opinions and suggestions, and represented the MMG management department in reporting the Company's development history. He pointed out that MMG possesses an international team with abundant operation experience in various goods in the world, actively cultivating potential employees to become managers. He believes that communication is very important. Although there are cultural differences, they should keep trying to ensure the promptness and accuracy of information transmission so as to avoid misunderstandings. MMG is aware of its importance to the China Minmetals Corporation, and it will make full use of its current capital and potential, and perform excellently in capital operation and major project development; MMG also looks forward to the visits of Guo Wenqing to inspect and guide the work.

The meeting was also attended by China Minmetals Corporation General Office Director Yin Sisong and Strategic Development Department Minister Xue Fei.



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