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Hubei Provincial CPC Standing Committee Member Ruan Chengfa Investigates CFMCC Project
CopyFrom:MCC Date:18 October 2016
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In the morning of October 17th, accompanied by CFMCC Group President Song Zhanjiang, Hubei Provincial CPC Standing Committee Member and Wuhan CPC Municipal Committee Secretary Ruan Chengfa investigated the suburb segment of the CFMCC Group's East Lake Greenway Project.

At the scene of the investigation and research, Ruan Chengfa gained a detailed understanding of the construction process of the suburb segment of the Greenway Project around East Lake and its landscape settings, then experienced the waterscape walkway with its wild frogs. He pointed out that the suburb road, as an important part of the greenway construction around East Lake, not only reveals the construction concepts of nature, countryside interests and ecology, but the Wuhan-Guangzhou High-speed Railway adjacent to this segment realizes the unity of nature and development in the landscape experience, and this has good heritage value. After learning that CFMCC's major businesses have achieved the transformation from metallurgy to non-metallurgy, Ruan Chengfa said that CFMCC can combine its transformation and upgrading with the urban development of Wuhan in the key period of lowering productivity and adjusting the economic structure, and successively undertake a series of key municipal engineering projects in Wuhan City; this will not only made outstanding contributions to urban development, but also make its enterprise brand more popular. Ruan Chengfa encouraged CFMCC to continuously carry forward the spirit of overcoming difficulties, do a good job in the construction of the East Lake Greenway Project and make further contributions to Wuhan's urban development.

So far, CFMCC has basically completed the concrete structure, landscape garden stage structure, earthwork entrance along the line, rock and block filling, and landscape stone construction of the project. The garden paths and tree plantation works are currently being conducted in accordance with the construction plans.



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