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MCC Wins 2016 China Standards Innovation and Contribution Awards
CopyFrom:MCC Date:18 October 2016
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On October 14th, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China (AQSIQ) and the Standardization Administration of China held the World Day of Standards, and presented the 2016 China Standards Innovation and Contribution Awards. The MCC Group made an outstanding performance, winning two first place 2016 China Standard Innovation and Contribution Prizes (for projects) and one Outstanding Contribution Award (for individuals). This time, there was a total of 10 first project prizes listed (no Grand Prize), and the MCC Group won two of them, accounting for 20%. Zhu Jianguo from CRIBC won the Outstanding Contribution Award (with four others). The specific project awards won by MCC Group were: GB 50608 - 2010 fiber reinforced composite construction engineering applied specification declared by CRIBC as the first complete unit; CECS146: 2003 12 carbon fiber sheet reinforced with concrete structure technique regulations; the 12th section of electric heating equipment safety IEC 60519 - 12: 2013 declared by the CISDI Group (Xi’an Electric Furnace Institute) as the first complete unit; the special requirements of infrared electric heating equipment; and three standards for test methods of industrial electric heating devices and infrared electric heating devices IEC 62693: 2013. These awards not only represent the full affirmation of relevant state departments of MCC’s standardization work, but serve as an important inspection of the phased objectives of MCC’s standardization work.

Standards form an important carrier of scientific and technological innovation achievements. Supporting and interacting with each other, standardization and scientific & technological innovation have a natural connection. Standards are regarded as a 'world language', promoting international interconnectivity. In recent years, MCC has paid more attention to the guiding and ensuring function of standardization in scientific and technological innovation, further strengthened the advantages of technical standards in the field of 'MCC Construction', and fully advanced standard discourse rights in the field of 'basic construction' by closely centering on the new strategic positioning of 'being the national team of China's metallurgical construction, the main force of infrastructure construction and the pacesetter of emerging industries, insisting on taking the path of high-tech construction in the long term'. We should focus on authorizing standards in the field of emerging industries, actively guide, support and encourage enterprises to participate in international standard authorization, and promote the Group's transformation from technological advantages to international standards, thereby better coping with the trend of 'specialized technology, standardized patents and globalized standards' of advantageous enterprises in foreign countries, and strongly supporting MCC’s technology, engineering and equipment to 'go global'.



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