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MCC Party Committee Rapidly Conveys Spirit of Party Construction Working Conference of National State-owned Enterprises
CopyFrom:MCC Date:18 October 2016
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In the afternoon of October 17th, the MCC Group held an enlarged meeting of the Party Committee Central Learning Group to convey, study  and implement the spirit of the Party Construction Working Conference of National State-owned Enterprises and the spirit of the SASAC Party Committee’s study group 'Implementing General Secretary Xi Jinping’s major instructions on the reform and development of state-owned enterprises and state-owned assets, and making central enterprises stronger, better and larger'. MCC General Manager, President and Deputy Party Secretary Zhang Zhaoxiang presided over the meeting.

The Party Construction Working Conference of National State-owned Enterprises fully embodies the close attention that the Party Central Committee pays to the Party construction work of state-owned enterprises. General Secretary Xi Jinping’s speeches elevate state-owned enterprises and their Party construction work to an unprecedented height, deeply answering a series of major issues on the reform and development of state-owned enterprises, as well as the Party’s construction. This points out the direction of reforming and developing state-owned enterprises, as well as strengthening Party construction work in the new period, which attaches great importance to deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises, making state-owned enterprises stronger, better and larger, and promoting the development of Party and national undertakings.

It is required that we should seriously study and implement the spirits of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s major speeches and deeply understand that state-owned enterprises are the important material and political basis of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and the important pillar and depending strength of governing and rejuvenating the country by our Party. The Group’s leading cadres at all levels should further enhance their understanding, increase their sense of responsibility and urgency pertaining to comprehensively enforcing strict Party conduct, effectively implement their main body responsibility, first responsibility and 'one post with two responsibilities', and practically realize the principle in which the Party should supervise its own conduct and run itself with strict discipline. We should accurately grasp the profound connotations and core meanings of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s series of major discussions of state-owned enterprises and assets, as they have important guiding significance for the transformation into trials to establish state capital investment companies in the field of China's metal minerals following the strategic recombination between the MCC Group and China Minmetals. We shall unify our thoughts and actions with these instructive spirits and the spirits of the SASAC conference, swiftly update and change our concepts, and promote the Group’s new round of great development through the steady implementation of the new strategic positioning of becoming the 'national team of China's Metallurgical Construction, the main force of infrastructure construction and the pacesetter of emerging industries, insisting on taking the path of high-tech construction in the long term'. Party organizations at all levels should take the learning and implementation of the conference spirits as an important aspect of doing a good job in studying the theoretical and practical issues of Party building. We should use General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speeches to direct the Party construction work so as to ensure that all the tasks of Party construction work are put into practice, and to promote the in-depth integration of Party construction work, reform and development. The efficiency of Party construction work should be changed into advantages of enterprise development. We should be full of confidence in making state-owned enterprises stronger, better and larger, and be both diligent and vigilant in preserving and increasing the value of state-owned assets.



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