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MCC Holds Leaders & Third Quarter Economic Operation Analysis Meeting
CopyFrom:MCC Date:11 October 2016
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On October 9th, MCC held the Leaders & Third Quarter Economic Operation Analysis Meeting to analyze and summarize the Group’s economic operation conditions in the third quarter, and make requests for the work of the fourth quarter, thereby ensuring the completion of all business indicators. China Minmetal Group General Manager and MCC President & Party Committee Secretary Guo Wenqing attended the meeting and delivered an important speech. The meeting was attended by China Minmetals Party Deputy Secretary and Deputy General Manager Dong Mingjun, Chief Accountant and Party Member Shen Ling, and Deputy General Managers and Party Members Feng Guiquan and Jiao Jian. China Minmetal Deputy General Manager and MCC General Manager & President Zhang Zhaoxiang analyzed the MCC Group’s economic operation conditions in the third quarter.

In his speech, Guo Wenqing made a detailed discussion of six aspects: the rapid formation of specialized techniques and systematic organization for becoming a national team of metallurgical construction which is 'the first in China as well as the world'; comprehensive and large-scale infrastructure construction of the high-end market; rapid cultivation and improvement of the core competitiveness of emerging industries; rapid implementation of great breakthroughs in overseas markets following the 'One Belt and One Road' strategy; implementation of integrated and matched resources of China Minmetals and MCC, as well as a self-built internal market; and the 'big promotion' of leadership ability after enterprise reconstruction.

Guo Wenqing pointed out that the meeting is held to discuss how to precisely study and judge the new high-end market, unify ideological understanding, change ideas and follow up on work progress; it is also intended to make a stronger MCC and remake new development, making it a true elite central enterprise meeting.

Guo Wenqing believes that as the national team of metallurgical construction, MCC must become stronger and re-innovated, transform its following advanced overseas technology into the new direction of leading global steel industry development, and unconditionally shoulder the responsibility of leading Chinese metallurgy to a higher development level. First, the national metallurgical team must have top core technology. Besides its own advantages, it should reinforce its research and development of original technology, form and master the best core technology, and develop advanced international green production technology to form independent equipment; Second, according to the requirements of the national construction team, it should accelerate its systematic organization to integrate superior resources into the first team which has its own specialized advantages. On the basis of strong and optimal specialization, it can form one or two core enterprises with strong comprehensive strength which can establish their branches overseas, while merging the subsidiary companies or product chains of the top enterprise in the metallurgical industry. It should firmly control a large steel enterprise market worldwide to increase its market share from 60% up to 80% within three years. The overall requirements are that relevant subsidiary enterprises should strictly follow the time nodes to the end of this year so as to ensure the implementation and efficient operation of the organizational structure, business, scientific and technological innovation, mutual development of design and construction, equipment manufacturing supporting development and standard system.

Guo Wenqing added that we should keep following national strategies and regard developed and dynamic regions such as Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, etc., as our major fields in order to comprehensively reinforce the development of high-end housing construction, transportation and municipal infrastructure, etc. First, we should mainly strengthen the development of developed and potential regions. Second, we should firmly keep our eyes fixed on subways, rail transit, airports, urban complexes and other main active markets. Lastly, we should establish a new business model to advance the development of a more high-end and systematic contracting model.

Guo Wenqing stressed that MCC has taken the lead in emerging industry distribution and achieved some success in market development, but due to its scattered strength distribution, old ideas, and uncertain and uncommitted work, as well as lacking the initiative spirit and so on, the development of the emerging industries market has not been realized quickly enough. With the rise of powerful competitors who are successively entering and following up the market, for these 'once for all' and 'long-line' products, we must 'cast a long line to catch fish at a short range' with quicker and quicker speed, continually making all-round development from dot to line to area, and also strive to seize and plan 'obtain a manor on a horse' with a large business scale to sharply improve the market and product share in diversified business fields. As for the research and development of technology, with mutual strength, every technology research institute should use its advanced and specialized external teams to promote MCC's creation, standards and guidance, thereby grasping the initiative of development and seizing the commanding heights of competition. Every technology research institute should establish their own branches for the layout in core regions in order to rapidly spread and expose their technology from a point to an area. According to resource conditions and customer requirements, we can assemble the Enterprise’s production capacity by 'cutting garments to fit the body', and build diversified product and service combinations through on-demand innovation, production and services to provide the most cost-effective system solution for customers. Next, MCC will start to prepare and build a batch of specialized brand companies with distinct features and strong technology, such as MCC Pipe Gallery and Water Utilities, so as to preferably grasp market opportunities and further increase MCC's market share in the field of emerging industries.

Guo Wenqing pointed out that MCC is the first central enterprise to go out, so it has a good reputation overseas. Every large MCC enterprise, MCC International and MCC Overseas cannot relax their efforts, and large steel works also cannot be abandoned. With the aid of the strategic recombination with China Minmetals, MCC should enhance the connection and communication of its bilateral institutions functioning abroad in order to achieve information-sharing and superior resource complementarity, intensify the overseas synergistic effect, avoid and eliminate the 'scattered hammer' phenomenon of institutions functioning abroad, grasp the market opportunities provided by the 'One Belt and One Road' strategy and international capacity cooperation, and actively contract large overseas projects with international influence, thereby building overseas brands for MCC. Next, we will fully take into account the layout of China Minmetals and MCC’s overseas markets, integrate the international business resources of both parties and implement centralized management in the same regions, thereby further reinforcing and accelerating international business development. Overseas companies should strengthen localization construction and high-level agent cultivation, reinforce the ability of institutions functioning abroad to integrate with local communities and intensively farm, and actually reduce the regional obstructions to development. For such overseas companies that have a lack of results, insufficient development potential or bad external situations, we will provide the necessary renovation or even cancellation in order to integrate the limited resources of those companies into the regions which need them the most and are most likely to produce achievements.

Guo Wenqing stressed that the strategic recombination of China Minmetals and MCC takes the lead in opening the whole industry chain channel from resource acquisition, investigation, design, construction and operation to circulation, as well as establishing the leading position among companies invested in by government capital in the metal minerals field, thereby greatly improving its competitiveness and speaking rights in the international metal minerals field. This provides huge space for the new development advantages of the new China Minmetals reconstruction, and also solves the long, leading and strategic difficulties of MCC's development. China Minmetals and MCC have numerous complementary advantages, such as the internal self-built market and interchangeable resources. All MCC’s subsidiary enterprises should focus on their internal advantages, actively connect and fight for opportunities, and reasonably use China Minmetals’ international management, capital operation, financial licenses and other advantages, to build the common market in such fields as overseas resource development, mine design and construction, real estate project cooperation and finance. It is our own job to fully use and maintain the internal market, not that of any other.

Guo Wenqing went on to point out that in recent years, the MCC Group has resolved many difficulties, reformed itself out of adversity, escaped its burdens to come through difficult times earlier than others, finished the tasks of improvement and rectification, and found the characteristic way of MCC. At present, MCC is in a state of comprehensive improvement. The Company’s development requires a team with high quality, honest spirits and the will to fight. We should improve MCC’s development with new thinking, new methods, new modes and new styles. The first point is to upgrade our thinking. The new trend and new tasks require leaders to adopt a prospective view and stronger strategic initiative, get rid of the old views and modes, change the state of being unwilling to accept new ideas, catch up with the trend, and be bold enough to upgrade their thinking. The second point is to upgrade our methods. The leaders should pay attention to the art of leadership and work methods, and learn to 'play the piano'. The top leaders of each subsidiary should stick to the principle of 'Manage what should be managed, and do what should be done', make proper management with scientific management methods and wisdom, ensure all management chains are under control to prevent hidden dangers and problems, and have the ability to solve difficulties and problems. The third point is to upgrade our enthusiasm. The leaders of state-owned enterprises must maintain the enthusiasm to move forward. The changes and achievements of MCC result from the great efforts of all members of the Group, and the leaders of subsidiaries are not allowed to be 'giants of talking but dwarves of doing' but must accelerate the pace of reformation and upgrading with great courage and will. The fourth point is to upgrade our style. The style of leaders is the basic and fundamental matter of an enterprise’s development, and the building of style should receive adequate attention all the time with the discipline and rules stressed; the alarm bell should ring and should not stop, and lessons should be learned from real examples all around in the angle of the details. Leaders who have a bad style and break the style rules will receive serious punishments. Finally, all members should keep their struggling passion, hold to the spirit of 'Never delaying and never slacking', keep a tense and orderly working pace, and direct everyone’s strength towards the Enterprise’s development, thereby making the MCC Group even stronger by virtue of the positive effects of style building.

The meeting was attended by the relevant personnel who is in charge of China Minmetals’ General Office, Strategic development Department, General Accounting Department, Enterprise Management Department, Ministry of Science and Technology, and China Minmetals’ real estate as well as MCC23; MCC and Joint-stock Company leaders, deputy or above managers at headquarters, all subsidiary enterprises’ Party and government officials and some worker representatives.

China Minmetals General Manager and MCC President & Party Committee Secretary Guo Wenqing attends the meeting and delivers an important speech

China Minmetals Deputy General Manager and MCC General Manager & President Zhang Zhaoxiang reports MCC’s economic operation conditions in the third quarter

MCC Vice President Zhang Mengxing presides over the meeting

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