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MCC Holds Enterprise Publicity Ideology Work Meeting in East China
CopyFrom:MCC Date:08 October 2016
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On September 29th, according to the publicity arrangements of the Group’s Party Committee, MCC held a Publicity Ideology Work Meeting in East China at MCC Baosteel Technology. At the meeting, the 'Zhanjiang Dream - MCC Dream' Themed Practical Activity Report of the Party Working Committee of MCC’s Shanghai enterprises was heard, as well as the MCC 'Five Colors' Zhansteel Themed Publicity Report of MCC Baosteel Technology. There was also a speech by the Beijing Review journalist Deng Yaqing, the media representative participating in MCC's 'Five Colors' Zhansteel activity, as well as the Group’s publicity conditions in 2016 and the 13th Five-year Plan Enterprise Cultural Construction Plan Report. In addition, the publicity ideology work in the first half of the year was communicated, and the subsequent news publicity ideology work was arranged and deployed. The meeting was held by MCC Organ Deputy Party Secretary and Party Committee Publicity Department Director Qi Dongping. The management secretaries and department directors of all participating units shared their highlights and feelings concerning enterprise reform, as well as their development achievements and ideological culture publicity, and reached a consensus on further publicity work in the second half of the year.

First, this meeting further achieved MCC’s cohesiveness of 'keeping pace with the times, practicing group strategy, singing for MCC and cheering for MCC people'. In the opinion of one participant, "The Group's publicity thought is clearer than in any previous period and very close with national major media, and it has massive momentum." The participants showed a great sense of mission and responsibility: "Publicity work should focus on the features of the time, and the working features of every period. In addition to innovation, it should also consider how to coexist with the media, and establish a high news ideology and perspective. It also needs greater sensitivity, more speculation, a wider exchange and a deeper scope. Publicity personnel have great possibilities, and we have glorious missions with heavy responsibilities." High leadership value, abundant human resources, vivid reform stories and good mental conditions ensure that all the enterprises in East China continuously make more achievements and raise the level higher in such publicity ideology works as enterprise transformation and development, ideological work responsibility system implementation, brand and enterprise culture, and political subject research.

Second, we should effectively conduct themed publicity for MCC's Five Colors Zhansteel, CCTV's New Maritime Silk Road and emerging industries. In April 2015, the 'Zhanjiang Dream - MCC Dream' themed practical activity was successfully launched by the MCC Party Committee, matched the progress and quality requirements of the Baosteel Zhanjiang Steel Project, and received praise from the owners as well as a positive and warm response from sub-enterprises. Under the firm leadership and plan of the MCC Party Committee, the MCC Shanghai Enterprises Party Working Committee is effectively advancing and participating in the construction of 14 enterprises, and the enterprises in East China are the best in this themed practical activity. In July of this year, the 'Introducing a New State-owned Enterprise - MCC Five Colors Zhansteel' themed publicity activity created waves of Red Party construction in MCC’s projects. Central Publicity Department Ideological and Political Work Research Institute Director Fan Xichun, Central Organization Department Party Construction Research Institute Director Zhao Laijun, Association of China Economic Press Vice Chairman Pi Shuyi, the Xinhua News Agency, Science and Technology Daily, Beijing Review and other specialists and journalists passionately made comments on the themed publicity activity, and agreed that MCC embodies its tangible and ingrained spirit of 'Never delaying and never slacking'. 'Zhanjiang Dream - MCC Dream' aims to combine romanticism with realism, and the active spirits of MCC people embody General Secretary Xi Jinping’s 'nail spirit' and 'constant blueprint'. We need to use our brains, take problems as guidance, constantly explore new ways, new models and new approaches which are suitable for the Group's publicity ideology work, and make solid, strong and characteristic publicity activities.

Third, we should consolidate the basis of the Group's strategy implementation, and vigorously applaud enterprise transformation, reform and development. 2016 is the opening year of the national '13th Five-year Plan' as well as the starting year of MCC's '4th Five Years' development journey implementation, so it is very important to accomplish publicity ideology work. Further efforts must be made in the ideology, publicity ideology and enterprise culture work. Enterprises are forced by the features of the time to comprehensively, positively, actively and effectively face the ideology, organization, positions, methods, technology, means, results, etc., of ideology and culture publicity work. We should strictly follow the publicity ideology work points printed and issued by the MCC Party Committee on April 29th in order to advance the ideology and culture publicity work. The primary point is the propagation and implementation of the Group's strategy: being the 'national team of metallurgical construction, the main force of infrastructure construction and the pacesetter of emerging industries, adhering to the road of high technology construction in the long term'. MCC's ideology and culture publicity work in the current and forthcoming periods is closely focused on the resultant forces of MCC's strategy implementation and enterprise transformation and development, with the main leaders leading the grasping of the market and strong teams striving to venture into other markets, with quality and effectiveness improved by technological innovation and newly upgraded engines and kinetic energy, and through strict discipline and concerted steps, as well as the fundamental guarantee of 'Beautiful MCC' construction and other central works, thereby highlighting and seizing the theme plans and making in-depth reports with high efficiency and quality.

Finally, we should strengthen such new media construction as the WeChat platform, and make a solid and strong commentator team. The Internet has greatly changed people’s ideas. At present, the number of Chinese netizens has reached 710 million, and Chinese cellphone netizens have exceeded 656 million, making the internet an important piece of infrastructure. Internet integration and unification have strong development momentum. WeChat is a new media platform to which central enterprises attach the greatest importance. In this trend of mobile communication fragmentation, traditional mobile modes are being replaced by various new modes, and media, relationships and algorithms have formed a new information distribution structure, greatly changing the operation method of communication. The duty of the new media of central enterprises is to adhere to the correct orientation of public opinion. Under the great background of the increasingly complex public opinion ecology, new media should enhance its political willpower and agenda-setting ability in order to realize the multi-communication of high-quality content, develop the mainstream of public opinion and deliver mainstream value. It should also practically reinforce and actively explore the effective management of the Enterprise’s WeChat group. The Shanghai Baoye Group’s WeChat platform has 6,525 followers, including 4,776 employees who have strong innovative ability. In addition, all enterprises should lay stress on commentator team construction, which requires more positive voices in the processes of enterprise reform and development, production and operation, and spiritual and civilization construction. As such, it is urgent to build a commentator team with firm ideals and faith, a solid theoretical foundation and deep enterprise feeling. Commentator contents will be added in the commendations for this year. MCC's publicity ideology work should emphasize the following main works: the further propagation and implementation of core socialist values, the propagation of the deeds of outstanding and advanced figures, true information reports, natural text, detailed narration, moderate photo news addition, the further refinement and improvement of the headline level, moderate video report addition, database creation, further specialized knowledge training reinforcement and so on.

This meeting was attended by 42 people including the Party Committee leaders of MCC's Shanghai Enterprise Party Working Committee, MCC Baosteel Technology and another 8 enterprises, as well as department directors and key correspondent representatives.



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