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MCC Wins Bidding for Largest Domestic Indoor Theme Park Construction General Contractor Project
CopyFrom:MCC Date:09 October 2016
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In the afternoon of October 8th, a signing ceremony was held in Shanghai between the Shanghai Baoye Group and Shanghai Huachang Enterprise (Group) Co., Ltd. for the Eastern Dragon Indoor Park Construction General Contract Project, opening a new chapter in Shanghai Baoye's characteristic theme park business. Shanghai Huachang Group Chairman Cai Yongkang and Shanghai Baoye Chairman Wang Shilei signed the contract on behalf of their respective parties. The ceremony was hosted by Shanghai Baoye General Manager Chen Gang.

The largest domestic indoor theme park at present, this park is located in the Laoshan Ecological Tourism Experience Park in Nanjing. It has a total Phase I area of 500 mu (1 mu = 666.67m2), a total investment of RMB 8.8 billion and an overall floorage of about 700,000m2. The project contains five functional sections. Upon completion, it will be a tourist attraction integrating sightseeing, leisure, entertainment and more. Its architectural modeling includes a huge winding dragon and such entertainment experience projects as an indoor beach complex, water light show, children's experience center, digital park and so on.



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