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First China Mining Field Informatization Synergy and Creation Center Formally Established
China ENFI and Tianjin Supercomputer Center Hold Launch Ceremony of 'ENFI-Tianhe Mining Cloud'
CopyFrom:MCC Date:29 September 2016
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From September 22nd to 25th, the 2016 (No. 18) China Mining Congress & Expo was held in Tianjin. During the Expo, China ENFI and the National Supercomputer Center in Tianjin held a launch ceremony for their co-created 'China Mining Innovation Center' ('CMIC') and 'ENFI-Tianhe Mining Cloud'. The ceremony was attended by Chinese Academy of Engineering Academician and Senior Expert Consultant Yu Runcang, China Minmetals Assistant President and Survey Development General Manager Wang Jionghui, National Supercomputer Center in Tianjin Director Liu Guangming, China ENFI Chairman Lu Zhifang and General Manager Wu Shaohui.

At present, the mining industry has entered a new age of synergy and innovation. Only by seeking a deep boost through informatization means can the commanding height of technology be occupied and sustainable and systematic progress and development realized. The application of mine informatization and automated mining techniques are important constituent parts of 'Made in China 2025', involving the integration of intelligent manufacturing technology into the mining industry. Taking this as the background, China ENFI and the National Supercomputer Center in Tianjin developed cooperation, built a service platform for our country's mining informatization technology research and development and long-distance mining information technology, focused on the four aspects of developing engineering simulations and management, establishing a virtual mine system, perfecting long-distance monitoring, diagnosis and technical services, and establishing and improving the relevant national and industrial standards, thereby providing automatic mining solutions for the overall process of mining enterprises, promoting the industry to realize the deep integration of the informatization and production processes of all mines, and helping mines to enhance their quality and increase their efficiency.

This launch ceremony opens the prelude of establishing an industrial informatization technology research and development platform. In the future, China ENFI will further undertake the industrial responsibility of a nonferrous project service national team, lead the informatization innovation and technical progress of our country's mining industry, and promote the overall intelligence level of mining industry enterprises' production, management and services. It will jointly give full play to its advantages with the National Supercomputer Center in Tianjin, carry out cooperation with colleges and universities, build an international first-class industrial platform, contribute more to promoting the core competitive of our country's mining industry in the world market, and build a modernized power to strengthen the technical basis and guarantee the resource safety of our country.

The National Supercomputer Center in Tianjin is the first national-level supercomputer center. Along with the 'TH-1A' platform, it fully embodies the important supporting role of 'compute heaven, earth and humans' in the two aspects of national scientific and technological innovation and real economic development through continuous development and innovation, so as to become a 'national treasure' embodying the national integrated innovation level.



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