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MCC Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Huanggang City, Hubei
CopyFrom:MCC Date:27 September 2016
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On September 26th, MCC signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the Huanggang Municipal People's Government in Huanggang City, Hubei Province. MCC President Zhang Zhaoxiang and Huanggang Mayor Xiao Fu were present at the signing ceremony. Huanggang Deputy Mayor Zhang Shejiao and MCC Assistant General Manager Qu Yang signed the agreement on behalf of their respective parties.

According to the agreement, both parties will depend on the principles of  complementary advantages, conformity with legal provisions, mutual benefits and win-win results, rely on Huanggang's comprehensive development and develop cooperation under the PPP mode in such fields as municipal transportation infrastructure, ecological environmental protection, theme parks, emerging industries and so on. Both parties will rely on long-term strategy, gradually enlarge their cooperation range and advance the implementation of sewage disposal and urban area transformation projects first on the basis of the concept 'implement the one that is mature'. MCC will bring its strengths in such aspects as project inquiry design, survey and design services, construction, investment & financing and construction management so as to contribute to Huanggang's social economic development and achieve win-win results for both the government and the enterprise.

The signing ceremony was attended by Huanggang Municipal Government General Secretary Yu Youbin and principals of related commissions and bureaus, CRIBC Dean Yue Qingrui, CFMCC Chairman Song Zhanjiang, WSGRI General Manager Hu Chunqing, MCC Investment Management Department Minister Yang Kui and Domestic Market Development Department Minister Zeng Jianzhong.


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