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MCC Holds Special Tutorship Lecture to Learn General Secretary Xi Jinping’s Important Discussion of State-owned Enterprise Reform
CopyFrom:MCC Date:22 September 2016
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In the afternoon of September 21st, to carry out the Central Party Committee’s spirit and requirements concerning the learning and education of 'Two Learning and One Doing' and promote all the Party members and cadres of the Headquarters to deeply learn General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important discussion of state-owned enterprise and state-owned asset reform, the MCC Group’s Organ Party Committee invited CPC Party Building Teaching and Research Department Party Building Principle Room Central Committee Party School Original Director and Professor Chen Kailong to give a special tutorship lecture. It was attended by over 120 Party members and cadres from the MCC Headquarters.

Professor Chen Kailong illustrated the main bases for the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speeches concerning deepening state-owned enterprise reform in detail, and explained it in such aspects as the fundamental directions, and significant principles of state-owned-enterprise reform, as well as the scientific connotations, contents and paths of deep state-owned enterprise Party building. The lecture clarified the directions that all Party members and cadres can take to strengthen state-owned enterprise Party building and promote state-owned-enterprise reform, gain a comprehensive grasp and more thorough understanding of how to strengthen enterprise Party building and deepen state-owned-enterprise, and attain clear enlightenment and guiding significance for the Group to stand at a new starting point, forge new advantages, realize new development and drive reform and innovation.

At the lecture, three requirements were put forward in terms of further implementing the MCC Group Party Committee’s deployment requirements and driving each grass-roots party organization of the Headquarters to implement the learning and education of 'Two Learning and One Doing': first, all grass-roots party organizations shall carefully carry out the third learning and discussion topic themed 'Having the courage to undertake and act, and giving play to our roles as Party members', discuss such key points as how to surround and promote the Group’s implementation of its new strategic positioning of being the 'national team of metallurgical construction, the main force of capital construction and the pacesetter of emerging industries, insisting on taking the path of high-tech construction in the long term', and positively act in promoting the Enterprise's transformation and upgrading, and advancing its quality and efficiency; how to vigorously carry forward the simple yet profound MCC spirit of 'Never delaying and never slacking', maintain a high-spirited and upward attitude, and remain a loyal, clean and responsible model; and how to start up business, forge ahead, give full play to an exemplary and vanguard role, and make greater contributions in each post. Second, it is necessary to promote undertaking with knowledge, making overall plans, taking all factors into consideration and achieving 'two promotions'. It is necessary to combine carrying out learning and education with the completion of various jobs in the current reform, development and stabilization, organically integrate learning and education with daily work for mutual promotion, and effectively enable learning and education to become a strong power for solving problems and driving development under the new normal. The various tasks in production and operation reform and development of enterprises are currently very heavy, so the various units should combine with the respective practical situation, make overall plans, take all factors into consideration, and solidly carry out all jobs in learning and discussion in accordance with the time requirements of the Group’s Party Committee. Leading cadres at all levels shall be strictly required to act as models, make efforts to complete all the economic and technical indexes of the Enterprise, and smoothly promote this year's reform and development with learning achievements. Third, it is necessary to carefully summarize, positively publicize and create a good atmosphere. Each branch shall pay attention to summarizing its experience, promptly submitting its learning achievements, paying close attention to making use of the press, magazines, websites, WeChat and all other media, positively publicize its practices and effects in the learning and education of 'Two Learning and One Doing', further strengthen its public opinion guidance, practically unify its thoughts and actions with the requirements of the Party Central Committee and MCC Party Committee, unify in the implementation of the Party Central Committee’s great decision deployment and the Group’s various reform and development tasks, and struggle to build a 'Glorious MCC'.


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