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Guizhou Vice Governor Huang Jiapei Investigates and Surveys MCC17’s Luodian Project
CopyFrom:MCC Date:22 September 2016
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In the morning of September 21st, Guizhou Vice Governor Huang Jiapei and his delegation investigated and surveyed the MCC17 Group’s contracted Luodian Jade Culture Center Project.

At the construction site, Huang Jiapei heard a report on the project's construction, learned about its safe, high-quality and civilized construction measures, and highly approved of its current progress and civilized construction. He stressed that the construction unit should strengthen its safety awareness, enhance onsite safety education, ensure the implementation of safety precautions, and enable the guarantee of each constructor’s personal safety. It is hoped that MCC17 will continue to carry forward the style of central enterprises, perform well in the project with guaranteed quality and quantity, and make contributions to the development of Luodian County.

Defined as a public culture communication platform for the whole county of Luodian, the Luodian Jade Culture Center Project is a key project of Guizhou Province. Integrating the local jade culture of Luodian and the good name of Shanshuihu Town, it will be forged as a living, relaxation, learning, exchange and recreation location for the people of Luodian. The project has an overall floorage of about 51,000m2 and includes a museum, library, exhibition hall, theater, culture hall, great master’s studio, hotel, commerce and so on.



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