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China Minmetals Safety Inspection Group Inspects NCMCC’s Caolou Iron Mine Project
CopyFrom:MCC Date:21 September 2016
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On September 7th, according to the requirements of China Minmetals’ safety inspection notification during the third quarter, MCC Group Safety Director Li Yulong and mine safety specialists were invited to participate in the China Minmetals safety inspection of Minmetals Mining Anhui Development Mining Co., Ltd.'s Lilou Mine. The inspection group respectively arrived at a depth of -400m in Lilou and -400m in Wuji to inspect the explosive magazines, Lilou's10-2 stope electric shovel ore removal and 8-5 stope mesopore operation and mesopore trolley, and Wuji's 20-3 stope electric shovel ore removal, northern 9-5 stope tunneling trolley, dressing plant and certain industry materials. The inspection group held onsite exchanges and discussions, and put forward rectification opinions and suggestions. Lilou Mine’s safety debriefing before a meeting, down-hole safety confirmation and safety oath are worthy of being learned and referenced by us.

On September 8th, Minmetals Safety, Health & Environmental Department General Manager Hong Mingyang led related personnel from the Minmetals Mining Safety Supervision Department and Anhui Mining to inspect NCMCC’s Caolou Iron Mine Project. While affirming its performance, the inspection group put forward improvement opinions and suggestions for the benchmark education methods and concepts of MMG. The final meeting was convened at the Caolou Iron Mine's -400m meeting room. Director Li Yulong first shared the Heinrich Safety Law and 90-Point Law. President Hong summarized the exchanges and learning of the two projects, and expressed his hope that NCMCC will make persistent efforts, strive to learn MMG's techniques overseas and learn NCMCC’s Caolou techniques in domestic mining. At the meeting, President Hong also conveyed Minmetals’ latest safety work requirements:

1. It is necessary to implement the safety production responsibility system for all personnel, confirm the detail list of safety responsibilities, and revise the responsibility investigation methods of safety accidents.

2. It is necessary to carry out post grading and risk management and control for mining enterprises.

3. Hidden danger identification closed-loop management: it is necessary to conduct thorough self-inspection, mutual inspection, specialist inspection and professional intermediary organ assessments so as to prevent risks, control hidden dangers and strengthen emergency measures.

4. It is necessary to widely carry out safety confirmation.

5. It is necessary to strengthen standardized construction.

6. It is necessary to earnestly learn MMG's experience, combine with their reality, and comprehensively promote the benchmark safety management level.

7. It is necessary to correctly deal with the relationships between safety and production, and between safety and benefits.

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