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MCC Youth League Committee Holds Youth Sharing and Exchange Meeting
CopyFrom:MCC Date:09 May 2016
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2016 marks the 97th anniversary of the May 4th Movement, and it also welcomes the 67th 'May 4th' Youth Day. In this red May full of passion and vitality, to carry forward the spirit of 'May 4th' and reinforce communication among young people, MCC’s Youth League Committee organized a Youth Sharing and Exchange Meeting on May 6th and invited the winner of the 20th 'Chinese Youth May 4th Medal' and MCC19’s young welder Zeng Zhengchao to give report about subject sharing. The meeting was attended by the Group and joint-stock company’s employee directors, Organ Party Committee secretaries, directors of the Party-Masses Work Department and Party Committee Publicity Department, and related principals of the Party Committee Organization Department. It was also participated in by youth representatives from the Group’s units in Beijing.

At the meeting, the distinguished guest, Zeng Zhengchao shared a subject report combining his own growing experience, and youth representatives attending the meeting freely and warmly conversed and discussed 'how to learn from examples'. It was agreed that Zeng Zhengchao is an outstanding representative of MCC’s excellent youths and a model from which they can learn from; he embodies MCC’s 'craftsman’s spirit' and the excellent qualities of MCC's youths including hard work, insistence and never slacking. Everyone successively expressed that, in future work, such youth models as Zeng Zhengchao will be set as examples of the necessity of carrying forward the simple yet profound MCC spirit of 'Never delaying and never slacking', making contributions based on their posts and striving to contribute youth and power for the Group to become the 'National Team of metallurgical construction, the main force of capital construction and the pacemaker of emerging industries'.

It was pointed out at the meeting that youths are the future and hope for the enterprise’s development, and further heavy burdens will be borne by youths to construct a 'Beautiful MCC'. The following requirements were then put forward. All Youth League members of the Group shall have firm ideals and faith, temper their noble characters and find the courage to shoulder heavy historical burdens. They shall have pursuits in their careers, goals in their business and standards for behaving with firm ideal and faith; they shall spare no effort to 'desire to work', use all their talents in their 'capabilities to work' and devote all their energy and enthusiasm to making 'achievements'. It is necessary to attain a perfect mastery of capabilities, have the bravery to innovate, develop themselves and serve the enterprise. As the most vital and creative group, young people shall stand at the leading edge of the age and the front row of innovation. They shall learn eagerly and sedulously, continuously update their knowledge reserves and attain a perfect mastery of skills in actual practice. They will be enthusiastic and make achievements in the Group’s transformation upgrading and reform and development with an exemplary work style and a realistic and pragmatic working attitude. It is necessary to carry forward the craftsman's spirit and promote MCC’s brands. MCC never lacks the 'craftsman's spirit', for which the most vivid footnote and annotation may be 'MCC people mould the world with diligence'. It is a professional dedication that requires one to be diligent, elaborate and single-hearted in every undertaking, and a professional, wholehearted and permanently supreme realm to reach. Many young employees shall continue to carry forward this spirit, inherit MCC’s good traditions, always keep high aspirations in the pursuit of excellence, insist on keeping a foothold at their own posts, be down-to-earth in forging ahead, constantly accumulate the value of the 'craftsman's spirit' and continuously compose a splendid new chapter in the construction of a 'Beautiful MCC'.



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