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China's First Double Bed Fire Coal Lime Shaft Kiln with Proprietary Intellectual Property Rights Goes Into Production
CopyFrom:MCC Date:06 May 2016
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On May 6th, when the Taihang Group Yangzhou Hengrun Ocean Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.'s double bed shaft kiln with a daily production of 600 tons of lime, which was designed, supplied for equipment and installed by MCC CIE, changed fuels, qualified lime produced by pulverized coal firing was used, marking the first successful production of the first double bed fire coal lime shaft kiln with complete proprietary intellectual property rights in the country.

The first period of this engineering involved the construction of two new double bed fire coal lime shaft kilns with a capacity of 600t/d, satisfying the demand for 0.25 million tons/year of lime powder used for sintering and 0.12 million tons/year of lime used for steelmaking. As one of the most advanced lime calcination techniques in the world at present, the double bed shaft kiln uses two vertical kiln beds with two interface channels connecting with the two kiln beds on the bottom of the kiln. The double bed shaft kiln calcination technique has two features: concurrent flow and thermal storage. This technique supplies balanced heat with great heat-insulating properties for the kiln body, and can make the best of the smoke waste heat with high thermal efficiency. It is the kiln type with the lowest energy consumption among all current lime calcination techniques, satisfying the country's demands for environmental protection.



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