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General Secretary Xi Jinping Meets MCC19’s Young Employee Zeng Zhengchao
CopyFrom:MCC Date:03 May 2016
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In the afternoon of April 26th, the MCC19 Group’s young employee Zeng Zhengchao received the warm reception of General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, Chinese President and Chairman of the Central Military Commission Xi Jinping, central leaders Wang Huning and Li Zhanshu, and Central Committee First Secretary of the Communist Youth League Qin Yizhi et al. at USTC.

In the run-up to the May 4th Youth Day, the first Chinese gold medallist in the World Skills Competition, Sichuan Province and MCC Group model worker and MCC19 Group employee Zeng Zhengchao attended the 'Symposium of Outstanding Youth in Innovation and Entrepreneurship' held by the Central Committee of the Communist Young League by invitation, to hear the edifying words of General Secretary Xi Jinping in person.

At 4:10pm, General Secretary Xi Jinping went to the Meeting Room of USTC for a symposium with more than 70 intellectuals, model workers and youth representatives. He then delivered an important speech in which he pointed out that working people are the masters of the State and the youth are the future of the State and the hope of the nation. To realize the blueprint of the comprehensive construction of a well-off society, the working people should take model workers as their examples, be passionate about and devoted to their posts, work hard, forge ahead with determination and have the courage to create, as well as continuously composing the song of workers in these new times. They also should be diligent in learning, good at practicing, steadfast and diligent in their actions, and cautious and conscientious in their work, as well as continuously improving, so as to try to attain extraordinary performance in ordinary positions. The youth should give full play to their ambition and passion, hold their dreams in their hearts, temper their characters and be down-to-earth, constantly work hard and struggle, and continuously write the chapter of their youth. They should take the richness and prosperity of the State and happiness of the people as their own responsibilities, and keep dreams and ambitions in mind in order to actively devote themselves to the great practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics and fight for it throughout their lives. They should strengthen their moral and ethical education and consciously practice socialist core values to cultivate noble characters; adhere to hard work and not be greedy for ease, be unafraid of difficulties and never complain, but create and build their lives and careers with hard work and sweat. General Secretary Xi stressed that the youth is very precious, so it should be used to create careers and hard work. The youth should be eager to learn, stick to their studies, read books with and without letters, focus on gaining life experience and social knowledge, and pay attention to enhancing their practices and improving their skills. They should have the courage to be pioneers rather than passers-by or onlookers, make innovation the power for the journey of youth, make entrepreneurship the energy of young blood, and let their youth shine out in dedication to the State and the people.

Still excited while talking about his experience of being met by General Secretary Xi Jinping, Zeng Zhengchao said, “After the symposium, General Secretary Xi cordially met us. When I said, ‘Your distinguished General Secretary’, I was totally blank in my mind out of excitement”.

Recalling the experience of the symposium, Zeng Zhengchao couldn’t hide the excitement in his eyes, saying, “I had an urge to cry when the General Secretary looked at us amiably, smiling and nodding”.

Commencing at 4:10pm, the symposium lasted for about one hour and ended with the attendees shaking hands with General Secretary Xi to say goodbye. More than 70 people attended the symposium, and 6 of them delivered speeches.

At 7:30pm, the 'Symposium of Outstanding Youth in Innovation and Entrepreneurship' was held by the Central Committee of the Communist Young League in the Swan Lake Hotel in Hefei. Nearly 50 outstanding youth representatives from all industries and fields across the country participated. Central Committee First Secretary of the Communist Young League Qin Yizhi and Anhui Vice Governor Liu Li attended the meeting. The participants held a heated discussion about the edifying words of General Secretary Xi. After speeches had been made by 20 representatives, Central Committee First Secretary of the Communist Young League Qin Yizhi commented on them, saying that the important speech of General Secretary Xi embodies cordial caring for the young generation, as well as our infinite hopes for them. As such, the youth should thoroughly study the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi, practically unify their thoughts and actions to the speech’s spirit, corroborate the ideals and beliefs, acquire advanced skills and make efforts to realize youth and dreams in the practice of devotion to society. After the symposium, Secretary Qin Yizhi took a group photo with the youth representatives.

General Secretary Xi Jinping attends the symposium along with intellectuals, model workers and youth representatives (taken by Li Xueren from the Xinhua News Agency)

Secretary Qin Yizhi and youth representatives

Zeng Zhengchao delivers his speech at the 'Symposium of Outstanding Youth in Innovation and Entrepreneurship'



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