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Green Construction Technology Innovation Experience Exchange Meeting Held in Zhuhai
CopyFrom:MCC Date:29 April 2016
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On April 28th, to further implement the State’s development strategy concerning strengthening energy conservation and emissions reduction and giving full play to the demonstration role of scientific technology leading green construction, and to further promote the implementation of green construction demonstration engineering, the Green Construction Technology Innovation Experience Exchange Meeting was held in Zhuhai. Sponsored by China’s Construction Industry Association Branch of Green Building and Construction with the assistance of the Shanghai Baoye Group, the meeting was attended by China’s Construction Industry Association Branch of Green Building and Construction Secretary-general Zhang Jian, Guangdong Provincial Construction Association Chairman Liang Jianmin, MCC Party Committee Standing Committee Member and MCC Group Vice President Wang Yongguang, Shanghai Baoye Group Vice General Manager Hu Ying and other leaders, as well as more than 300 representatives from the construction associations of other provinces, cities and autonomous regions, and the construction associations of related industries and construction enterprises.

On behalf of the MCC Group, Wang Yongguang delivered a welcome speech in which he pointed out that, as a central enterprise, MCC practically implements its social responsibilities and deeply understands that the promotion of green construction is the necessary requirement for practicing the green development concept and promoting the construction of an ecological civilization; the urgent requirement for promoting energy conservation and emissions reduction in the construction field and actively responding to climate change; and the effective means by which to promote the transformation and upgrading of urban and rural construction and increase the competitiveness of enterprises. By publishing green construction-related administrative files and demonstration green construction drawing collections, the MCC Group brings the achievements of green construction demonstration projects into the comprehensive performance evaluation of the responsible person of its subsidiaries, thereby promoting the green construction management of projects, and performs well in summarizing and promoting the experience of green construction demonstration projects so as to develop other aspects and comprehensively promote the management level of green construction. In the next stage, MCC will comprehensively promote the systematization, normalization and standardization of green construction so as to make greater contributions to the construction of rural and urban industrial sustainable development, a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, as well as the comprehensive construction of a prosperous society.

Zhang Jian and Liang Jianmin each made speeches at the meeting. Zhang Jian said that green construction is in the preliminary promotional stage in China, and attention should be paid to several aspects in its comprehensive and systematic promotion. First, the guidance of policy. Leading by government and relying on the effective measures and policies of macroeconomic regulation, we shall systematically carry out the relative treatment method of green construction, and implement detailed rules, regulations and incentive policies so as to promote and guide project construction units to participate in green construction. Second, the tilted market. We shall gradually weed out low-price bidding means dominated by construction periods, and cultivate construction enterprises whose advantages are green building and green construction. Third, owner dominance. The investment method of engineering construction is in the dominant position of project implementation. Green building and green construction can be effectively implemented with the great support and capital investment of the owners. Fourth, the promotion of construction units. To achieve green construction, we must establish a complete organization system, be clear about the objectives, undertake our responsibilities, set up a complete management system and put technical measures in place, as well as establishing traceable building materials so as to achieve the practical effectiveness of green construction. As the leader of the industry, green building and construction will promote the development concept of construction units having industrialized accessory production, mechanized factory construction, informationalized process management and a modernized construction industry, thereby making greater contributions to increasing resource use efficiency, decreasing environmental pollution, reducing work intensity, improving working environments and accelerating the transformation of the construction industry.

In the meeting, Project Manager Jin Feng of the Shanghai Baoye Group's Zhuhai Shizimen Central Business District Project gave a detailed report on his experience of green construction in the project, and presented the great achievements of Shanghai Baoye in the green construction field. CSCEC/China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Consortium Project Director Xu Lishan, Vice General Manager Liang Baozhen of SCEGC No.5 Construction Engineering Group Company Co., Ltd., General Engineer Qi Ligang of CCEED’s Tianjin Branch Company, and Director Ye Qinghan of China Railway Construction Bridge Engineering Bureau Group Co., Ltd. each made a speech. The meeting succeeded in its goal to promote the development of green construction through communication, learning and the introduction of experience, receiving the consistent high praise of the participating representatives.

In the morning of April 29th, the participating representatives carried out field surveys and emulation at the Convention and Exhibition Business Group (Phase I) of the Zhuhai Shizimen Central Business District, which was contracted by the Shanghai Baoye Group. Located in Xiangzhou District of Zhuhai City, opposite Macao over the sea, this is the initiating project of the 'Great development of Hengqin' strategy. It consists of six individual buildings including the International Exhibition Center, International Conference Center, Zhuhai Central Building (landmark tower building), Sheraton Hotel, apartment hotel and urban silk ribbon, with an overall construction area of about 661,000m2. After being put into operation, the International Exhibition Center received the Luban Prize for Construction Projects in 2015, and the Zhuhai Central Building (currently under construction) was selected for inclusion in the 4th Batch of National Green Construction Demonstration Projects of the Construction Industry in December 2015.

Green Construction Technology Innovation Experience Exchange Meeting

Green Construction Technology Innovation Experience Exchange Meeting Venue



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