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Commentary: Pay Respect to Laborers and Cheer for MCC Group Staff
CopyFrom:MCC Date:29 April 2016
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Great careers derive from great dreams, and the realization of great dreams relies on the hard work of all people. It applies to the development of a state as well as an enterprise. The staff of the MCC Group endured three years of sailing in stormy waters to move forward while undertaking the responsibility of reform and rising out of poverty, taking the opportunity to make progress and prepare to realize achievements while bearing the dream of 'Building a Beautiful MCC'. Over those three years, the MCC Group has realized a 24.8% growth rate of profit annually, realized great progress in all works and generated a RMB 6.86 billion profit in 2015.

Labor creates value and efforts realize dreams. It is through the immense amount of diligent work and efforts made by MCC staff that the stable progress and steady improvement of all work has been promoted, thereby realizing a new breakthrough in the new normal state and leading us to approach the target step by step, moving forward with a steady and vigorous pace. It is the positive actions of MCC staff that have allowed the MCC Group open a new chapter and draw upon great vitality and energy. We hereby pay our respects to every laborer who made contributions to the reform and development of the MCC Group, and we cheer for every MCC person who overcame difficulties to achieve unremitting self-improvement.

The practice of MCC people is to constantly insist on transforming the political advantages of the Party into MCC’s practice of reforming advantages. MCC people shall firmly establish a political consciousness, an overall consciousness, a core consciousness and a consciousness of keeping pace, and remain highly consistent with the Central Party Committee in thought, policy and action so as to be internally absolutely loyal with patriotic fervor. Communists shall actively participate in the learning education of 'two studies and one action', give full play to their leading and model roles, keep their responsibilities and tasks in mind, honor their responsibilities to the full and be highly disciplined and loyal practitioners. Be the firm practitioners of MCC’s strategies, be the pioneers who grasp the market and be the self-sacrificing explorers of technological innovation.

MCC people shall constantly promote the spirit of the model worker and craftsperson, and establish the concept of diligent, honest and creative work so as to make the concept of 'labor creating value' become the positive energy for the reform and development of the enterprise; constantly promote the simple and profound MCC spirit of 'Never delaying and never slacking', and be ambassadors to promote the MCC spirit in this new period; and constantly promote the MCC Ma Wanshui's spirit of 'Holding the leading position and carrying the red flag' so as to call on and encourage MCC people to constantly make breakthroughs. We shall also make efforts to promote the deeds of model workers and other classic outstanding actions so as to form a positive atmosphere of regarding labor as the most beautiful, most honorable, loftiest and greatest purpose.

At present, the MCC Group is in the greatest development stage in its history, and also the stage in which it bears greater national responsibilities and tasks. Led by the strategic positioning of being the 'National Team of metallurgical construction, the main force of infrastructure construction and the pacemaker of emerging industries', forging ahead with determination, self-sacrificing for innovation, and adhering to diligence and hard work, MCC people will make greater contributions to realizing the grand wish of 'Focusing on MCC’s main business and building a Beautiful MCC' as soon as possible.



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