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MCC Invited to Participate in Henan Anyang Integration Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region Synergetic Development Promotion Meeting
CopyFrom:MCC Date:28 April 2016
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On April 28th, MCC General Manager and President Zhang Zhaoxiang was invited to participate in the Henan Anyang Integration Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region Synergetic Development Promotion Meeting in Beijing. During the meeting, he made a statement on behalf of MCC and witnessed the signing of a contract for major projects. MCC Vice President Zhang Mengxing and a representative of the Anyang Municipal People’s Government signed the strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of their respective parties.

In his speech, Zhang Zhaoxiang pointed out that MCC was born for iron and steel, and has undertaken over 90% of the design and construction tasks of domestic large-scale iron and steel enterprises. Under the new normal state of economic development, the MCC Group has proposed the brand-new strategic positioning of becoming the 'National Team of metallurgical construction, the main force of infrastructure construction and the pacemaker of emerging industries', and its proportion of high-end housing building, municipal transportation infrastructure, underground comprehensive pipe galleries and other non-steel industries currently stands at over 80%. In recent years, the Group has strengthened its cooperation with local governments and energetically driven PPP projects. The PPP projects currently implemented represent investments of nearly RMB 90 billion. Faced with opportunities in the rise of central China, Anyang has been integrated with the national strategy of the synergetic development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, and it now faces a significant period of development opportunities. The MCC Group will give full play to its own advantages, comprehensively invest in the construction of various fields in Anyang and make greater contributions to the social and economic development of the City. He hopes that MCC can count on the continued strong support of the Anyang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government.

In accordance with the strategic cooperation agreement, both parties will insist on the principles of complementing each other's advantages, accordance with all laws and regulations, mutual benefits and win-win results, so as to comprehensively cooperate in such fields as municipal transportation infrastructure, urban underground comprehensive pipe galleries, eco-environment protection, security housing construction, steel structure manufacture and housing industrialization, scientific research and industry cooperation, thereby establishing a long-term stable partnership with cooperation and mutual benefits.

During the meeting, Zhang Zhaoxiang also held cordial talks with Henan Vice Governor Zhang Weining, Anyang Municipal Party Committee Secretary Ding Wei, Mayor Wang Xinwei and other provincial and municipal leaders, deeply exchanging opinions in terms of strengthening cooperation between both parties.

The meeting was attended by CFMCC President Song Zhanjiang, China ENFI General Manager Wu Shaohui, MCC Investment Management Department Director Yang Kui and Domestic Market Development Department Deputy Director Duan Meiliang.

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