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MCC Holds First Temporary Assembly of Shareholders in 2016
CopyFrom:MCC Date:22 April 2016
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In the afternoon of April 20th, the first temporary assembly of shareholders, the first assembly of A-share holders and the first assembly of H-share holders of 2016 were held by MCC in Beijing, and hosted by MCC Executive Director and President Zhang Zhaoxiang.

During the meeting, President Zhang Zhaoxiang first expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the participating shareholders for their long-term attention to the company. Later, the meeting reviewed and approved nine proposals including Proposal on Adjustment of Non-public A-share Stock Plan of the MCC Group and Proposal on 2015 Profit Distribution of MCC.

The meeting was attended by certain shareholders of the company, Presidents Chen Jiaqiang and Lin Jinzhen, Supervisory Board Chairman Li Shiyu, Supervisors Peng Haiqing and Shao Bo, Vice Presidents Wang Yongguang and Zhang Mengxing, Vice President and Board Secretary Xiao Xuewen, Vice President and Chief Accountant Zou Hongying and the persons in charge of certain functional departments.

The venue of MCC’s first temporary assembly of shareholders in 2016



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