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Jilin Vice Governor Jiang Youwei Investigates MCC22's Pipe Gallery Project
CopyFrom:MCC Date:21 April 2016
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On April 14th, the delegation of Jilin Vice Governor Jiang Youwei investigated the MCC22 Group's Underground Utility Pipe Gallery Project in Siping City. He was accompanied in the investigation by Siping Municipal Party Secretary Zhao Xiaojun and Siping Mayor Wang Zhencai, et al.

The delegation of Jiang Youwei visited the site, learned the details of the project's background and an overview of its functions, completed an on-site investigation of its construction progress and heard a project construction report. As he pointed out, bearing the spirit and social responsibility of a central enterprise, and being honest, responsible, dedicated and devoted during construction, the MCC22 Group has realized the first solid construction of a pipe gallery in Siping and made outstanding contributions to the construction of pipe galleries in the City, as well as laying a foundation and building a benchmark for future pipe gallery construction with its amazing effectiveness and excellent quality. Jiang Youwei then proposed detailed requirements for the MCC22 Group's next step in underground utility pipe gallery construction: first, it should strengthen its measures, organization and coordination to ensure the comprehensive completion of all construction tasks; second, on the premise of ensuring construction security, it should accelerate progress even further in order to ensure the completion of the project construction on schedule while guaranteeing high standards, quantity and quality; third, it should highlight and focus on the key points, and make efforts to do well in connecting the pipeline into the gallery; and fourth, it should improve its planning system, strengthen its quality supervision and strictly manage its safety production so as to build an excellent, safe and clean project.

Located in Siping City, Jilin Province, this project is about 4,550m in length; it contains the three road sections of Shiyuan North Road, Shiyuan West Road and Dongfeng Road, which have lengths of 2,100m, 1,400m and 1,050m respectively.



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