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MCC Group Convenes 'Two Learning and One Doing' Learning and Education Mobilization Deployment Meeting
CopyFrom:MCC Date:21 April 2016
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On April 20th, the MCC Group convened a 'two learning and one doing' learning and education mobilization deployment meeting in order to convey and learn the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions about 'two learning and one doing' learning and education, Liu Yunshan’s speech spirit at the Central Government’s 'two learning and one doing' learning and education work forum, and Zhang Yi’s speech spirit at the 'two learning and one doing' learning and education mobilization deployment meeting for organs directly under SASAC and central enterprises, and also to deploy and arrange the Group’s 'two learning and one doing' learning and education. MCC President and Party Committee Secretary Guo Wenqing attended the meeting and made an address.

In his speech, Guo Wenqing pointed out that it is necessary to stand at the commanding height of the overall situation and politics in order to comprehensively perceive and profoundly understand the significance of 'two learning and one doing' learning and education. It is necessary to fully understand the importance and urgency of 'two learning and one doing' learning and education, to comprehensively and accurately grasp the spirit of our superiors, to profoundly understand the significance of learning and education for implementing the requirements of comprehensively and strictly governing the Party, reinforcing the CPC’s ideological and political construction and promoting enterprise innovation and development. It is also necessary to practically strengthen consciousness and resolve, to complete excellent implementation work with a high sense of responsibility and a high sense of mission, and to unify thought and action in the Central Government’s deployment requirements.

Guo Wenqing pointed out that it is necessary to both stress and grasp the key points to make solid progress in the profound implementation of 'two learning and one doing' learning and education. The Party organization at every level shall fully grasp the overall requirements of learning and education and profoundly understand its core essences, tackle its key and accurate power generation points, highlight its key points and implement and energetically promote the solid and profound implementation of 'two learning and one doing' learning and education according to the arrangement and deployment of the Group thereof. For 'two learning and one doing', in the aspect of 'learning', it is necessary to distinguish levels, profoundly learn the Party constitution and Party rules, and profoundly learn General Secretary Xi Jinping’s series of important speeches. The key points for learning the Party constitution and Party rules are ensuring basic standards and establishing the code of conduct. The key points for learning the series of important speeches are reinforcing the strength of the theories and arming the minds of Party members and cadres with the spirits of those important speeches concerning what to know, what to believe and how to behave. The key point of 'two learning and one doing' is 'doing'. To be a qualified communist involves respect and stands as a foothold of learning and education. According to the standard of 'four emphases and four possessions' put forward by the Central Committee under the new situation, all qualified CPC members shall emphasize politics with belief, rules with discipline, morality with conduct, and contribution with outstanding achievements. The emphasis of 'two learning and one doing' is 'practice'. It is necessary to accord with the 'six required routines', namely grasping jobs in the six aspects of subject learning and discussion, giving Party lectures in an innovative manner, subject organization life meetings, democratically commenting on Party members, contributions based on positions, and setting leading cadres as examples. It is especially necessary to organize and carry out the learning and discussion activities of 'implementing General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions about the reform and development of State-owned enterprises and State-owned assets, and driving the steady implementation of the MCC Group’s new strategic positioning', and it is necessary to habitually grasp and integrate the CPC’s ideological and political construction. It is necessary to strengthen problem orientation, to practically learn with each problem, and to change the approach to solving problems. Establishing a consciousness of problems is required in order to carry out learning and education led by problem-solving, to insist on learning while changing and taking action after changing, to pay increased attention to linking up with the CPC’s mass-line education and practice activities and 'Three Strict and Three Honest' problem reform education subjects, to combine with reform in prominent problems fed back by the Group after making inspection tours and key inspections, and to enable problem-solving to be connected and to continuously advance.

Guo Wenqing stressed that it is necessary to implement 'two learning and one doing' in the practice of the Party spirit, to corroborate the ideal and belief, and to be absolutely loyal to the Party. All of the MCC Group’s Party members, especially the leading cadres, should keep in mind at all times that they are communists who have taken a solemn oath under the bright red Party flag. They shall keep their commitment to the CPC clearly in mind at all times, continue to strengthen the Party’s spirit, bolster its broad ideals and motivate powerful positive energy to engage in business, thereby reinforcing their own political watchfulness and political judgment. For the MCC Group, emphasizing politics means that it is necessary to look at a problem, consider it and understand it from the height and the angle of politics, and to excellently accomplish the careers that have been handed to us by the CPC and the country; this is the greatest form of politics and loyalty and the biggest responsibility for the Party’s cause, the country and all our staff members. We are required to follow the Party with firm steps. We shall carefully implement whatever the Party advocates, make a stand against whatever the Party forbids, and rapidly and provide a powerful guarantee that the Central Committee’s decisions will be deployed, implemented and rooted in place without compromise or half-measures.

Guo Wenqing particularly stressed that it is necessary to implement 'two learning and one doing' according to strict and impartial discipline, to carry forward a healthy atmosphere, and to keep an advanced and true quality. It is necessary to abide by the Party constitution and to be the most loyal practicers of the Party constitution; it is necessary to revere the Party's rules and disciplines and to be model workers who fully understand the bottom lines and observe the rules. In recent years, the MCC Group’s cadres have basically kept the team in order, which benefited from the fact that we firmly grasped work style construction and discipline construction, and constantly placed firmly grasping cadres’ work style and team construction in an outstanding position since the 'September 5th' meeting. The Group’s transformation, upgrading, innovation and development depend on condensing the wisdom of all MCC staff members and the unity and harmony of the cadre. The purpose of strict cadre administration is to enable them to make fewer mistakes, fall into fewer traps and get stuck in the mud less often, as well as ensuring the scientific and sustainable development of the enterprise. We must correct our work style, eliminate the evil wind and create a healthy atmosphere through learning and education, profoundly understanding that General Secretary Xi Jinping’s series of speeches are the quintessential basis on which to govern the country and deal with politics, and extending his methods and art of governing the country and dealing with politics as the operating methods and art that our own leadership should adopt in managing the enterprise. All team members shall support the work of the top leaders and maintain their leadership authority and commanding authority; the top leaders should profoundly realize that a qualified leader’s experience is very important, being experienced and seasoned is very important, and bearing is also very important. They must learn to be inclusive, open and clear, listen carefully to their team members’ opinions, and enable them to play their roles in their respective positions and fields of responsibility. In this way, there will be more harmony, understanding and support, with less envy and personal enmity.

Guo Wenqing further stressed that it is necessary to implement 'two learning and one doing' in promoting the enterprise’s vigorous development, to be brave in undertaking heavy burdens and to mould a pioneering image. Party members and cadres at all levels must give full play to their exemplary and vanguard roles, keep their responsibilities and missions firmly in mind, and have the courage to actively undertake practical measures. It is necessary to set an example first and to be a firm executor of the Group’s strategic deployment; it is necessary to highlight development and to be a strong organizing pioneer of the market; it is necessary to undertake heavy burdens and to be a powerful promoter for advancing quality, efficiency, transformation and upgrading; and it is necessary to firmly grasp the market and comprehensively grasp market development jobs according to the new strategic positioning of being the 'National Team of metallurgical construction, the main force of infrastructure construction, and the pacemaker of emerging industries'. In particular, the scale of emerging industries should be rapidly enlarged and the three technology research institutes should be more rapidly promoted. All MCC people are required to take the promotion of innovation das the foundation on which to quicken the transformation and promotion of traditional kinetic energy and to cultivate and develop new kinetic energy. It is necessary to focus on the main business and aim at making innovations in the world’s top technology. It is especially necessary for scientific research and design enterprises to intensify their strategic guidance, race to control the commanding heights and spare no efforts to forge a highland of gathered talents, a highland of core and cutting-edge technology, and a highland of quality and brands; it is necessary to grasp innovative development and reform breakthroughs while grasping the overcoming of burdens and obstacles constraining the enterprise's innovation development, in which the Group will provide powerful support; it is necessary to profoundly understand General Secretary Xi’s important discussion of talents and to energetically cultivate leading talents, top-notch talents, innovative talents and special talents.

Guo Wenqing also pointed out that it is necessary to comprehensively implement the Central Government’s requirements and ensure that tangible effects can be derived from learning and education. It is necessary to reinforce organizational leadership. Party committees at all levels shall pay close attention to and reinforce their leadership, practically take responsibility, put the learning and education of 'two learning and one doing' in a priority position, carefully deploy, arrange and formulate concrete implementation schemes, and set up special organizations to be specifically responsible for carrying out learning and education jobs. The main principals of Party organizations at all levels shall carefully perform the first responsible person’s duties and shoulder their responsibilities from the beginning to the end; and each branch shall combine with its actual circumstances to make specific arrangements for learning and education. It is necessary to intensify organizational guarantees. The competent departments of Party committees at all levels shall carry out excellent overall planning, organization and coordination, and shall promptly investigate and solve problems in learning and education. Where the leading group of the primary Party organization is incomplete, it is necessary to pay close attention to equipping the foregoers. It is necessary to reinforce, supervise, urge, guide and grasp a pass. Party committees at all levels shall adopt such patterns as hearing reports, the investigation and survey of special projects, joint learning and discussion activities, attending organization life meetings and so on, in order to give instructions. They shall conduct supervision and examination through such patterns as live demonstrations and random inspections, they shall put the key points of supervising, urging and guiding at the basic level in the Party branch, and profoundly understand the conditions and actual effects of carrying out learning and education. It is necessary for the superior to lead the inferior. The leading groups and leading cadres at every level must be exemplary models in the front rank. Superiors shall be models and leaders for their subordinates. Superiors shall lead subordinates and monitors shall lead the team, forming a work pattern in which the subordinates follow the behavior of the superiors and everyone is linked. It is necessary to reinforce classification guidance, and to insist on distinguishing levels and differentiating different objects, doing well in top-level design, realizing the full coverage of learning objects, and practically reinforcing the pertinence and effectiveness of learning and education.

Guo Wenqing finally pointed out that the new circumstances and new normal have provided hard-won opportunities for the MCC Group to realize a new era. In the new historical journey of constructing a 'Beautiful MCC', we shall firmly carry out the learning and education of 'two learning and one doing' under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Xi Jinping as the General Secretary, continue to forge ahead and have the enthusiasm to press on with MCC’s simple yet profound spirit of 'Never delaying and never slacking', making new and greater contributions to becoming the 'National Team of metallurgical construction, the main force of infrastructure construction, and the pacemaker of emerging industries'.

This meeting was attended by the Group and the Holding Company’s leading group members, cadres above deputy department director level in the functional departments of the Headquarters, leading group members of subsidiaries, and principals and related comrades from the Party Committee Office, Department of Party Work, Party Committee Organization Department, Party Committee Publicity Department and Discipline Inspection and Supervision Department.

President Guo Wenqing makes an important speech

At the venue of the meeting



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