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MCC Real Estate Group Holds Grand Opening of Nanjing MCC: Shengshi Binjiang Project
CopyFrom:MCC Date:19 April 2016
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On April 16th, the sales office of the MCC Real Estate Group’s Nanjing MCC: Shengshi Binjiang Project was crowded, and the venue was embellished with brocade dragon robes and jacquard-weave wooden looms specialized for weaving brocade. This was the grand opening ceremony of the project, with the theme 'Flourishing Period and Bright Binjiang'. It was also the scene of exchanges and discussions focused on the future development tendencies of the Drum Tower Binjiang area and Shengshi Binjiang Project.

The opening ceremony attracted the close attention of over a hundred mainstream media representatives and journalists from the People’s Network, Phoenix Net and others, who gave full-coverage reports at the venue one after another. Such celebrities from cultural circles as Wang Gang, Meng Fei, Ye Zhaoyan, Yao Changsheng, Zhang Hongyan and more were invited to attend.

During the activity, MCC Group Assistant General Manager and MCC Real Estate Group President Liu Fuming pointed out that the MCC Real Estate Group has smoothly extricated itself from the dilemma of 'high liabilities and low turnover' in recent years, ushered in a good situation with gradually increasing reasonable regional distribution, steadily promoted its profitability and gradually perfected its management system, thereby opening a new chapter of enterprise development. At the beginning of the year, to further increase its advantages and ascend to the nationwide leading rank, the MCC Real Estate Group put forward a business system with 'one primary body and two wings', taking high and mid-grade residential development as the principal and supplementing it with commercial real estate and property management. This means that in five years time, the MCC Real Estate Group will focus its advantageous strength on mid-end and high-end residences, commercial real estate and property management, to gradually form the three top brands of 'high-end residences', 'commercial real estate' and 'MCC Real Estate' under the regional distribution strategy of '3+6', thereby laying a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the Group in the future. In the field of high-end residences, aiming at the cultural differences between the north and the south in China, the MCC Real Estate Group possesses the 'MCC: Dexian Residence Series' in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region in the north, the 'MCC: Jinxiu Huafu Series' in the Jiangsu-Zhejiang-Shanghai Region and the 'MCC: Yijing Longwan Series' in the Pearl River Delta. In addition, it will forge a commercial complex project represented by the 'Shengshi Series', which will comprehensively carry out a professionalized development idea with the best quality and create a high-quality benchmark project.

During the forum, on the basis of their respective professional perspectives, Wang Gang and the other honored guests interpreted the Shengshi Binjiang Project and Drum Tower Binjiang area from many angles including culture, planning, supporting facilities, regional value and so on, demonstrating the MCC Real Estate Group’s grand pattern and the originality embodied in the planning and construction process.

Just as the gorgeous and colorful brocade robes decorating the sales office represent ancient Chinese brocade skills at the highest level, the forging of the MCC: Shengshi Binjiang Project drew inspiration from traditional Chinese skills. Located in Plot 3 of the Drum Tower Binjiang Business District, it starts at the south approach of the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge in the east and Fangjiaying Road and Binjiang Avenue under planning and construction in the south, and extends to the Yangtze River in the west and Bridge Park in the north. Covering an area of about 322,900m2 and an overall floorage of 1,300,000m2, the project was developed in two phases. Phase I was composed of three subprojects including the Heji Company Plot, Binjiang Plot and Fangjiaying Plot. The Heji Company Plot will make use of a century of industrial heritage, combine the first-line river-view resources and cultural resources of the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, and forge a 'world-class commercial waterfront benchmark' themed on industrial culture in science and technology. The reconstruction of the Heji Company will realize a multi-dimensional experience space with 'science and technology, entertainment, shopping and sightseeing' and a tourist destination led by a new industrial culture theme. Covering the top-quality sightseeing location in the whole Binjiang Scenic Belt, the Binjiang Plot will be forged as a future gathering place of villas for the whole district; the product form will be low-density urban high-end residences with a main house-type area of 130 to 180m2. The Fangjiaying Plot will be forged into a fashionable composite garden community composed of such real estate forms as quality residences with first-time improvements, serviced apartments, dynamic blocks and so on. The completion of the MCC: Shengshi Binjiang Project is set to create a vital and livable area under the drum tower in Binjiang Business District.



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